Wider Repertoire

The songs in the list below are suggested Free Choice Pieces that may be performed in Rockschool Vocals exams. These are accredited Free Choice Pieces which means that their suitability for presentation at the relevant grade has been pre-determined by RSL.

For each song we have also provided a link to the specific sheet music arrangement which has been benchmarked at the relevant grade level. There may be other arrangements available which have a different level of challenge – only the stated arrangement is considered an Accredited Free Choice Piece.

You can find further details relating to Free Choice Pieces generally by clicking here, in particular the requirements regarding accompaniment, sheet music, and the number of eligible Free Choice Pieces which can be presented in both our Graded and Performance Certificate exams. For further guidance on Vocals exams, including FAQs, please click here…

Rockschool Vocals Wider Repertoire Lists

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