You've practised your scales, got your pieces sounding slick, and done a practise exam with your teacher. But what actually happens on a Rocschool graded music exam day? Let's find out!

We've put together a handy list of tips so you can know what to expect at your music exam centre. Different centres may run things slightly differently, but they should all follow these rules to make sure your music exam day experience is as enjoyable and safe as possible.

1. Arrive punctually

In order to control numbers of people in venues, you should aim to arrive at your exam venue no more than 10 minutes before the exam start time. This way centres can make sure there's minimal congestion and overcrowding. Try to avoid public transport when traveling to and from the venue if you can, but there will be hand sanitiser provided on arrival. You can be accompanied to the venue by a parent or teacher, but please ensure that you leave the venue immediately after you've rocked your exam. Besides, then it's time to celebrate!


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2. Stay socially distant

We've done our homework when it comes to ensuring your safety when you walk into your exam centre so all you need to do is focus on smashing your exam. There will be cleaning during the day (using disinfectant spray/wipes) of frequently touched surfaces in the exam room, warm-up room, toilets, and other public areas, but bear in mind the government's guidance on social distancing.

Make sure you observe 2 metre distancing between all persons outside of your own household. To encourage spacing, there will be no waiting area inside the venue. A friendly member of staff will admit you to the warm-up room or examination room once they're available.

You can download our full exam guidance below!

Graded Music Exam Guidance

3. Keep smiling!

Don't be put off if the examiner asks you if you have any coronavirus symptoms. This is just routine stuff that they have to ask! Give them a big smile and show them you're confident and ready to get your exam underway.

The examiner will be wearing a protective visor too, so don't be alarmed if you've not seen one before! The examiner can still assess you in the same way as a normal exam.

Remember to bring photocopy of ID if you're a Grade 6-8 candidate! You need this as our Level 3 graded music exams count for UCAS points.

Your teacher should have prepped you on exactly what you're playing in your exam, but we recommend doing a practice exam with them too so you become a bit more familiar with timings and make sure your stamina is at a good level.

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4.Master your nerves nerves

Everyone gets nervous in an exam! Nerves can actually be very helpful in concentrating your mind and body on the task at hand. And definitely don't be embarrassed about appearing nervous in front of the examiner. Chances are they've seen it all before and won't even notice. Just concentrate on doing your best!

And there you have it! Things will obviously be a little for video exams, so be sure to read up on those here.

If you haven’t already, download our free Six Steps to Success guide for more tips like this, to get you ready for your winter exam.

Six Steps to Exam Success

And don't forget - if you haven’t entered already, you only have until the 30th October, so get in there quick!