Documentation VQ Syllabus

Music Practitioners

RSL has a range of syllabuses at Levels 1 to 3 some of which contribute to performance tables.
DocumentFile SizeTypeTotal Documents
Music Practitioners Levels 1&2 Technical Awards (Confirmed for Performance Tables until 2022)40MBZIP55 (Updated: 5th March 2019)
Erratum Notification106KBPDF1
Level 3 Tech Levels (Confirmed for Performance Tables until 2022)159MBZIP195 (Updated: 5th March 2019)
Music Practitioners Level 1-3 Syllabus (Non Performance Tables)159MBZIP140 (Updated: 5th March 2019)
Ymarferwyr Cerdd Lefel 1 - 3 (Cymraeg)107MBZIP
Apprenticeship Certificates15MBZIP100


Creative Practitioners

RSL's Level 4 qualifications for artists and entrepreneurs across the creative industries.
DocumentFile SizeTypeTotal Documents
Level 4 Creative Practitioners Syllabus Pack5.5MBZIP215


Creative & Performing Arts

RSL's new performing arts qualifications.
DocumentFile SizeTypeTotal Documents
Erratum Notification106KBPDF1
Level 1 & 2 Technical Awards (Confirmed for Performance Tables until 2022)22MBZIP47
Level 2 Technical Certificates (Confirmed for Performance Tables until 2022)31MBZIP66
Level 3 Tech Levels (Confirmed for Performance Tables until 2022) CaPA13MBZIP100
Level 1-3 Creative and Performing Arts15MBZIP203


Creative Digital Media

RSL's new Creative Digital Media qualifications.
DocumentFile SizeFile TypeTotal Documents
Creative Digital Media Level 1 – 3 Syllabus (Non Performance Tables)12MBZIP95

Further Information

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