Music Practitioners

RSL has a range of syllabuses at Levels 1 to 3 some of which contribute to performance tables.
DocumentFile SizeTypeTotal Documents
Music Practitioners Levels 1&2 Technical Awards (2020 Performance Tables)40MBZIP55
Erratum Notification106KBPDF1
Music Practitioners Levels 1&2 Technical Awards (2019 Performance Tables)40MBZIP55
Level 3 Tech Levels (Performance Tables)159MBZIP195
Music Practitioners Level 1-3 Syllabus (Non Performance Tables)159MBZIP140
Apprenticeship Certificates15MBZIP100


Creative Practitioners

RSL's Level 4 qualifications for artists and entrepreneurs across the creative industries.
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Level 4 Creative Practitioners Syllabus Pack5.5MBZIP215


Creative & Performing Arts

RSL's new performing arts qualifications.
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Erratum Notification106KBPDF1
Level 1 & 2 Technical Awards (Performance Tables)22MBZIP47
Level 2 Technical Certificates (Performance Tables)31MBZIP66
Level 3 Tech Levels (Performance Tables) CaPA92MBZIP100
Level 1-3 Creative and Performing Arts151MBZIP203


Digital Media

Withdrawal of RSL Awards Qualifications in Digital Media

The following qualifications are being withdrawn from the Register of Regulated Qualifications as of 1 September 2017:

Why they are Being Withdrawn

These qualifications were developed for inclusion in performance tables. However, the DfE will not be approving any further qualifications for performance tables until further notice. In light of this, RSL will amend and improve the suite of qualifications, with the intention of re-submitting them to DfE in due course.

Information for Centres

For centres that had intended to register for one of the qualifications above from September 2017, the following is a list of alternative qualifications you may wish to consider:

Further Information

For further information, please contact the Vocational Qualifications Officer on 0345 460 4747 or by email on