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Deliver Qualifications VQ Centre Approval

In order to deliver RSL Vocational Qualifications, a centre must be approved by RSL. The approval process ensures that centres have sufficient process and procedure in place to ensure the rigour of the qualifications is not compromised.

If you have any questions about delivering VQ prior to submitting an application, please direct all enquiries to

The Approval Process

Any Centre wishing to be approved by RSL must complete a Centre Approval Application Form and submit this to RSL for consideration, along with all required supporting documentation.

On receipt of the application, RSL will endeavour to process and respond within 28 days and may request further documentation to evidence the pre-requisite conditions detailed in this document. Centres that are new to vocational education may require a mandatory centre visit.

For all the information you will need to apply to become an RSL centre, please download the below VQ Centre Approval Application Pack.

VQ Centre Approval Application Pack


For further information regarding delivering RSL’s VQs, please follow the links below:


The stages for centre approval are:

Stage 1 – Preliminary Application
The centre completes the Preliminary Application form below.

Stage 2 – Contact from RSL
A member of the RSL team will be in contact with a login for an account to submit documentation and answer any questions you may have about your application.

Stage 3 – Complete application documentation and submit
The centre completes and submits the Centre Approval Application form and supporting documentation to, using the login from step 2.

Stage 4 – Response from RSL
RSL will respond to the centre’s application within 28 working days, providing any action points as needed.

Stage 5 – Submit additional documentation required
If there are any action points from the initial application, the centre uploads the actions.

Stage 6 – Response from RSL
RSL will respond to the centre’s application within 28 working days. If there are additional actions needed, the previous two steps will apply again.

Stage 7 – Centre Approval Complete
Once all documentation has been provided, Centre Approval can be given. The centre will receive: A Centre Agreement which needs to be signed and returned, a letter confirming approval, and an invoice for the Centre Approval fee.

Ready to submit your application? Please fill in the ‘Stage 1 – Preliminary Application’ form below.

    Stage 1 – Preliminary Application

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