Interactive Digital Media

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Digital technologies are relied upon in almost all aspects of life with digital media consumption ingrained into our daily routines.

This generation of learners will have grown up immersed in these technologies and deserve an education that reflects their career aspirations whilst future-proofing their skills to exploit trends that disrupt the creative industries.

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Why Interactive Digital Media?

Complete Media Syllabus

From developing apps to making websites, designing UX to 3D animation, the Interactive Digital Media pathway encompasses the complete spectrum of interactive media. This allows you to tailor your courses depending on your learner cohort and teaching department’s expertise.

Industry Relevance

With a plethora of Optional and Skills Units available, you can shape your qualification offering to incorporate the latest industry trends and techniques. This is mirrored in terms of software usage allowing you to utilise industry-standard programmes such as the Adobe Creative Suites, Swift 2, Android SDK, Unity, Unreal Engine and any preferred web builders.

Practical & Realistic

Projects based on authentic briefs put learners in real-world scenarios throughout their studies contributing to their portfolio of practical work. This body of work can be presented to universities or employers when considering their future options.

Building your Digital Media courses…

The Interactive Digital Media pathway blends an understanding of digital technologies with the creation of content. From pitching and meeting digital media briefs, understanding and designing UX & UI, to creating and launching websites, this is an all-encompassing pathway for students wanting to launch a career in the media industries.
Learners will:

  • Pitch a digital media product
  • Plan for a product release
  • Learn digital design skills
  • Engage in creative speaking
  • Develop knowledge of digital technology
  • Further Understanding of the digital industry

Unit example: Designing UX for Interactive Digital Media

This unit aims to promote the learner’s understanding of the importance of a positive relationship between a product and its users in order to maximise its life expectancy and therefore its profitability.

Skill Unit example: Creating an Interactive Website

The purpose of this unit is to facilitate practical opportunities to develop knowledge and understanding of the processes involved in creating interactive websites, in the context of an understanding of potential audiences and destinations.

Unit Example: Creating 3D Digital Animation

Learners must apply knowledge and understanding of the design and production of 3D digital animation and its potential uses across a range of digital media products and destinations according to the brief to create a digital animation.

Unit example: Producing a Digital Media Product or Service

This unit aims to build on previous learning by providing opportunities to extend and deepen knowledge and experience around the development of a digital media product or service idea in response to a brief from a “client” or “customer”. This could be an app, a website, an e-commerce platform, a 2D game… the options are endless.

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    Download the Creative Digital Media Syllabus

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