At RSL we're committed to providing the most practical, flexible and industry relevant vocational qualifications

We believe that musicians, performers and aspiring entrepreneurs thrive when they're given the flexibility and choice to structure their learning to their strengths. That's why our qualifications are developed to educate, inspire and motivate your learners through a unique provision of tailored assessment, combining unrivalled industry relevance and academic credibility.

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Deliver the right qualifications qualifications for your learners

RSL Vocational Qualifications are specialist music and performing arts qualifications that offer students the chance to learn a diverse range of industry focused skills. Equivalent to GCSE and A level, they cover an expansive range of subjects throughout the music and performing arts industries from music technology and composition to script writing and stage management.


At RSL we pride ourselves on designing qualifications that are relevant to today's industry. Our qualifications have led to high profile performing artists as well as provide many young people with a viable route to work within the industry. Learn more

Department for Education Performance Tables Approved

As well as being practical and industry relevant, we also recognise the need for our vocational qualifications to be approved by the Department for Education. That's why we've ensured our vocational qualifications are approved in three of the Department for Education's Performance Table categories for first teaching from September 2016. Learn more

Developing innovative, industry-focused qualifications since 2005

Since 2005 our long-standing commitment has always been to design and create bespoke qualifications that combine the highest academic standards with unparalleled practicality and industry relevance. Every single unit we develop is instilled with our experience and feedback from centres, industry specialists and education professionals.

Globally delivered

As well as being delivered in over 250 schools, colleges and private providers across the UK, RSL Vocational Qualifications are globally recognised and are now also being delivered in the USA (LA), Spain (Bilbao) and Argentina (Buenos Aires).

Give your learners the choice of over 350 specialist units

We believe choice and flexibility are crucial when it comes to motivating and supporting your learners. With RSL you can offer them the choice of over 350 specialist units encompassing a diverse array of subjects and pathways. You can then adapt and mould our qualifications to fit around your teaching styles, methods and resources.

Regularly updated to mirror developments in the industry

From music streaming to crowdsourcing, the music and creative industries are ever evolving. To meet these demands, each and every one of our units from Levels 1–4 has been specifically created to address the needs of the modern music & performing arts industry. We continuously develop our qualifications in conjunction with industry professionals to ensure that they remain current as well as being deeply rewarding for your learners.

Written and developed by industry specialists & education professionals

We believe the best qualifications are written and developed by the people that live and breathe the industry. One of the things that sets RSL vocational qualifications apart is the quality and expertise of the people that design and create our qualifications. We ensure that all our vocational qualifications are written by industry specialists and utilise practical tasks, allowing your learners to be truly creative.

Over 350 specialist units across four unique qualification suites

Equivalent to GCSE, A Level and BTEC, RSL Vocational Qualifications encompass four unique qualification suites from Levels 1 to 4.

No.1 Choice in over 250 centres worldwide