Vocals Companion Guide Out 1st June

Vocals Companion Guide is available online and at your nearest stockist 1st June!

Our new Vocals Companion Guide is the essential practice and teaching accompaniment for the Rockschool 2014-2017 Vocals Syllabus. With over 200 "unseen" tests for both male and female singers and over 3 hours of audio (Grade 1-8), vocalists can use this guide to maximise their exam performance.


  • Quick Study Pieces in multiple genres
  • Ear Tests including Melodic Recall, Rhythmic Recall and Harmony Vocal examples
  • Improvisation and Interpretation Pieces
  • Sight Reading Pieces
  • General Musicianship Questions


  • Professional backing tracks Specifically for QSPs and Improvisation and Interpretation
  • Downloadable audio Stylistically accurate examples of vocal performances across Rock and Indie, Pop and Musical Theatre, Soul and R'n'B, Jazz and Blues
  • Harmony vocal backing tracks Featuring multiple two-part and three-part examples