RSL Awards are pleased to announce Virtual RSL on Tour: a series of webinars delivered by the RSL Awards team which will run throughout the summer.

Our in-house experts will be delivering two sets of webinars for both instrumental and classroom teachers giving insight into some of our newest graded exams, the benchmarked levels of progression, and some practical approaches for teaching.

The sessions will be a chance for you to ask questions directly to the team and an opportunity to sign-up for FREE materials to help develop the Rockschool and PAA provision in your educational context.

The Rockschool sessions are designed for instrumental and classroom teachers who are looking to teach with Rockschool for the first time or are new to the music teaching profession. Each webinar will cover a different instrument, including: Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Keys, Ukulele and Music Production. Further details can be found below.

Signing-up to both webinars will give teachers access to our Teach Today programme and access to a FREE digital version of the first three publications for a selected instrument with accompanying Schemes of Work and Guidance. Please note that webinars with the same title will cover the same material in each session.

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Introduction to Rockschool Graded Music Exams:

This webinar will introduce teachers to the benchmarked levels of progression students can expect to reach as they engage with our graded exam materials. We will look at specific examples of the repertoire at Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Level; provide an explanation of the assessment criteria and our new digital marksheets; and highlight how the grade system maps across to qualifications in the classroom. We will also provide information on the different ways students can take exams with Rockschool in your region and territory.


Teaching Technical Skills Through Performing:

This webinar will look at the beginner grades (Debut – Grade 3) and give examples of how to approach the grades in an engaging way to help students develop both their technical mastery and creative expression. We will highlight the relationship between the technical exercises and the performance pieces contained in the graded exam book and look at how particular scales, arpeggios, chords and rhythmic elements support the development of specific pieces. We will also look at how our interactive practice tool, Replay, can be used in lessons as an effective teaching tool.

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    Rockschool VIdeo Exams

    And here's how our schedule is shaping up for the next few weeks...

    DateSession Title
    Tuesday 4th August 4.30 – 6pmPiano - Teaching Technical Skills through Performing
    Wednesday 5th August 8.30 – 10amPiano - Teaching Technical Skills through Performing
    Tuesday 11th August 4.30 – 6pmAcoustic Guitar –
    Teaching Technical Skills through Performing
    Wednesday 12th August 8.30–10amAcoustic Guitar –
    Teaching Technical Skills through Performing