We’ve been itching to talk more about the wonderful world of violin for a long time, and now that the RSL Classical Violin syllabus has been announced, we can finally get stuck in!

So, we thought we’d start with the basics. Violins are beautiful instruments, but they are extremely delicate. In order to get the absolute best out of your violin, you’ll need to treat it with care and attention. If well looked-after, your violin will last your whole lifetime, or even longer than that!

We’ve rounded up our 4 best tips for how to take the best possible care of your instrument.

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Releasing Bow Tension

You should always use the screw on the back of the bow to release tension from the hairs – when you’re not playing of course. As you’ll notice, your bow has a lovely curved shape to it which we don’t want to lose, so it’s always best to release that tension, even if you’re just taking a short break! Whilst this might sound insignificant, this could massively increase the lifespan of your bow.

Replacing Strings

Provided you don’t snap one(!), your strings should be replaced annually. As you might expect, they get a bit worn out after a while which does affect the sound, so replacing them once a year will keep the sound beautiful! Of course, you may want to replace them more or less frequently depending on how much practise you’re doing (that may or may not be a nudge…).

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…is literally your best friend. This stuff is ESSENTIAL for getting a good sound out of your violin. The horse hair on your bow needs rosin to be able to create friction with the strings which then vibrate and create your gorgeous sound. No rosin, no mind-melting melodies.

That being said, be careful not to go too heavy handed on the rosin. We weren’t joking when we said the violin is an incredibly delicate instrument, and so too much rosin will leave you sounding quite shrill, which isn’t what we’re aiming for.


This might be the least glamorous of tips, but cleaning your violin properly is a non-negotiable step in your care routine. Firstly, all that rosin you’re using produces dust, so you’ll need to wipe it down to avoid it going sticky. All you need is a soft dry cloth to wipe it down, and PLEASE don’t use anything else! Using any kinds of chemicals or liquids can strip the varnish and ruin the wood of your violin. No thank you!

Giving it a little wipe down after every use will make sure your violin stays fresh for decades.

If you’re new to the violin, hopefully this has given you some top violin care tips, and if you’re a seasoned pro, perhaps we’ve just reminded you to get practising! Whichever you are, we hope you enjoyed the blog, and do stay tuned for lots more violin chat on our blog over the coming months.