News 26 October, 2023

The Grosvenor Road Studios are now open!

The Grosvenor Road Studios are now open!

The blue plaque we’ve all been waiting for. It’s time to unveil the new Grosvenor Road Studios.

In the heart of Birmingham is a hub that houses some of the best talent in the country and on Friday 22nd September 2023, it was unveiled to the wider public. The new and improved Grosvenor Road studios reopened with a ceremony filled with many of Britain’s creative elite. Laura Mvula and Adrian Lester were just some of those who journeyed to Birchfield to witness this momentous event, and we were thrilled to have the Chairman of RSL Awards, Norton York, also in attendance. When asked about this historic event, York remarked:

‘I am thrilled to celebrate the re-opening of Grosvenor Road Studios with our RSL fellow Shereece Storrod and all of the Black Voices and Grosvenor Road team. This is such a vibrant and valuable part of musical life in Birmingham. I am honoured that through the Bridging Barriers programme, RSL can play a small role to support the studios and all the wonderful work that goes on there.’

What is Grosvenor Road Studios?

Grosvenor Road Studios, previously known as Hollick & Taylor Studios, is a newly refurbished set of studios, acquired by Black Voices in 2001 and created to serve the local community. With seven offices for creative, cultural and community businesses and a hub for the development of arts and community development, these studios were created with up-and-coming artists in mind.

Black Voices member and RSL fellow, Shereece Storrod, FRSL, joined the re-opening of the studios along with award-winning singer-songwriter Laura Mvula. When asked about the event, Mvula stated: 

‘This building and Black Voices pretty much raised me in music. It was here I learnt to sing, to arrange, to teach and to grow in ways I never thought possible. It’s a profound honour to be here in this moment and to be a part of the rich tapestry of talent of this great city.’ 

Laura Mvula


Storrod also remarked:

I’m thrilled that Norton attended the reopening event to witness the unveiling of our blue plaque. He has supported the work of Black Voices for over 20 years, always championing us and sharing opportunities whenever possible. Grosvenor Road Studios are excited to further develop our ongoing relation with RSL at our newly improved building to continue work with the Bridging Barriers participants.’ 

Shereece Storrod

The new facilities that this building will provide will continue to nurture the talent that already exists within this new generation of performers and will no doubt continue to serve the West Midlands community 

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