Long time RSL collaborator, drummer, and educator, Alex Forryan gives his tips on how to make the most of teaching drums online.

Covid-19 has impacted our normal lives hugely, and the way in which we now learn music is no exception to this. A lot of teaching has now moved online with some very successful results, and with such uncertainty ahead this may become the 'new normal' for a significant period of time.

Many teachers who make up the RSL Teacher Registry and our associated centres across the world have seamlessly transitioned from face to face lessons to video lessons and are seeing some great results.

Video lessons may be more suited to some disciplines than others though. The drums is a potentially difficult instrument to teach online because it involves more physicality than other instruments and has a variety of pedals that cannot always be seen in the same shot.


Luckily, Alex has produced these fantastic videos that go into detail on how to smoothly make the shift to video lessons. We will be releasing three of these videos in total, starting with 'Setting Up'.

In this video, Alex gives an overview of the basic equipment to get you started, takes a look at some of the free online apps and tools that are available to you, and looks at how these tools will help you get started teaching from home.

Alex also discusses safeguarding surrounding Zoom and equivalent video conferencing apps. It's very important to be aware of safeguarding policy when starting online teaching, so simply click HERE to head to the ISM's website and have a read of their detailed advice.

Alex Forryan teaching drums online

We hope you enjoyed the first of this series on teaching drums online. Stay tuned for next week's instalment, where Alex will be taking a closer look at the online tools available to teachers and giving an overview of how to teach some of the Rockschool graded music exam pieces and technical exercises.

Music lessons have moved online, and so have some of our exams! If you're interested in taking a video exam with us, simply click on the gif below to find out more about how your students can still achieve their qualifications from their own home!

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