Warren Knocker



Hi, my name is Warren Knocker I am a drum educator and session musician based in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg South Africa. I am the proud founder and owner of the Drum school known as “Drum Nation” where I provide students with quality drum education and experience. If anyone knows the Rockschool syllabus, it is Me. I have completed grades 1 to 8 in Rockschool and later went on to complete my Rockschool Level 4 Diploma in Performing Arts, and my Rockschool Level 6 Licentiate. Through my time as a Rockschool student and working as a session musician, I developed a strong interest in the human psyche, specifically towards a person’s emotional and mental interpretation of rhythm. Because of this fascination, I furthered my studies, but this time in Psychology. Through the completion of my degree in Psychology, I began to gain a deeper understanding into the art of drumming and rhythm, and the effect it has on a person’s: emotional well-being, self-esteem, motivation, motor skill development, problem solving abilities, pattern identification, resilience, and the reflective interpretation of rhythm and music. Because of my extensive training in drumming and the human psyche, I am able to give my students a much deeper quality of education, through the art of musical information transference between educator and student. I believe that each student learns and interoperates musical rhythm in their own way, thus I focus on the manipulation of information to ensure full transference and understanding within each student. I am a “Heart” drummer. I not only teach my students how to play the drums, but more so how to LOVE the drums. I believe that if a student’s grows in their passion for their instrument, they will automatically desire the skills needed to become a successful drummer.


  • Rockschool Grade 3
  • Rockschool Grade 4
  • Rockschool Grade 6
  • Rockschool Grade 7
  • Rockschool Grade 8
  • Rockschool Level 4 Diploma in Performing Arts
  • Rockschool Level 6 Licentiate in Performing Arts
  • Degree in Psychology through The South African College of Applied Psychology


Fees Duration
1 HourR440