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Rory is a specialist bass guitar tutor in education, and teaches from his home teaching studio in Plymouth, Devon. From beginners to advanced and all in between, Rory offers expert one-to-one professional bass guitar tuition that's designed to be interesting whilst challenging, but most importantly fun! Rory's goal with every student is to fully explain all elements of the electric bass in a friendly, comfortable and relaxed teaching environment. Rory's home studio provides the very best in amplification and accessories - 'tools for the job', so that your experience is one to remember time and time again.


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  • I was playing bass for about a year or two before starting lessons with Rory and I wasn’t particularly good at all, but from lesson one I didn’t stop improving! Literally every lesson I have had I’ve learn’t something brand new and come away from lessons a more experienced and content bass player. I wouldn’t be the bassist I am today without Rory!
    With Rory You don’t just get a bass tutor, you get access to so much more like: rockschool bass grades, connections within the local and national music scenes and amazing musical equipment to name just a few...
    Rory is also a great friend of mine and is probably one of the nicest and most enthusiastic people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He is one of the driving forces that makes me want to progress to become a better musician.
    Contacting Rory for bass lessons was honestly one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I would happily recommend Rory to anyone who is learning bass, or wants lessons to improve their skills.

    Joe Callaghan

  • Rory is a fantastic teacher. From the first moment you contact him you get a warm fuzzy feeling that he cares about what you want to learn and how. The teaching environment is perfect; enough space to swing your bass, but also small enough to feel secure and friendly. For the whole lesson, it’s all about you.
    His abilities as a musician speak for themselves. As a teacher he uses this to great effect - inspiring without intimidating – and he is so relaxed and natural around a bass that, even handling one for the first time, so are you. He encourages you to reach beyond your comfort zone, but in such a way that you revel in it rather than being discouraged. As a result I have come along faster than I ever thought possible. While Rory has a vast library of excellent teaching material prepared to develop students of any level, what you work on and how is clearly absolutely about you and the kind of bass player you want to be. He is hugely flexible in his teaching style, managing to keep me going whether I’m in Plymouth, Liverpool or Afghanistan; I never believed that a skype lesson could actually work till I tried it.
    The icing on the cake is that Rory doesn’t stop being interested in you and your bass at the end of the lesson - he has helped me research and buy various bits of kit, get stuff repaired and serviced, helped me sell old gear, found me a band, recommended albums and gigs and got teachers for my son (Guitar) and daughter (Drums). You couldn’t hope for a better bass teacher. Thanks Rors.

    Simon Horne

  • I picked up the bass nearly three years ago, with the aim of joining a band and having some fun. I was all fingers and thumbs to start with, but with Rory’s guidance and knowledge I have gone from strength to strength. I’ve already passed my first five Rockschool grades, and have joined a band doing 20+ live gigs a year. I wish I’d started this years ago. Thanks, Rory, for your enthusiasm for our instrument, and knowledge of all things ‘bassy’!

    Matt Prior

  • Rory is a Legend! I had hardly played a note when I first went to see him eight years ago but, with his help, I joined ‘The Viewers’ in 2017. Having got the gig I then had to learn the set list track by track in double quick time and his help was invaluable. He has brought me up to a standard where during 2018 I will be playing at The Cavern Club, Liverpool and the Stone Valley Festival near Enfield (on the same bill as ‘From The Jam’, ‘The Undertones’, and ‘Ruts DC’) and Tavistock Wharf as part of a packed year. We’ve supported top tribute bands such as ‘The Small Fakers’ and ‘The Jam’d’ and I would never have got this far without Rory. Going forward we are looking at learning new songs for our fourth album AND he is helping with my own compositions. Rory has had to be patient, persistent (in a good way) so that I get things right and his encouragement means that I’ve never felt overawed about attempting anything that his lessons have put before me. He’s a great guy, an awesome musician who is full of good advice on technique and your gear, and the lessons are always fun and constructive. It’s like learning with a pal. You need look no further for a bass guitar tutor – Rory is your man!

    Kevin Procter