Neil Potter

Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Music Theory, Music Production.


Here’s a quick biography; should you wish to find out more please visit my website: I started playing guitar at the age of fourteen and had lessons during which I studied RockSchool and Classical guitar. In College, at the age of sixteen I took up singing; taking lessons and studying material out of books and online videos. The most notable resources used were the ‘Raise Your Voice’ books by Jaime Vendera and online videos from Justin Stoney of New York Vocal Coaching, as well as other various books on vocal anatomy. I have Grades, a National Diploma, a HNC and I’ve studied a BA Honours in Music at the University of Salford. I play Rock, Jazz, Classical and Pop in their broadest terms as my main styles, and have been a member of several bands playing and singing all of these various styles. I’ve performed at both serious gigs and ones for fun; whilst touring extensively around the U.K. - my own music could be said to have all these influences infused with a few more. I’m currently travelling around the North West playing acoustically, mainly singing covers with the backing of two separate agencies. I am also a professional Music Teacher, in a professional Music School and also privately with my own client-base. I specialise in guitar, voice and bass guitar. I also teach classes on music theory, songwriting and composition. I teach all the styles mentioned previously, as well as many more! My teaching work became notably successful in early 2013 when as I was asked to become a regular tutor at the best Music School in the NorthWest, Presto Music. From the above, you wouldn't be wrong in thinking that I’m a huge nerd when it comes to music…! I teach a wide range of musical styles in a professional manner, with in-depth knowledge and experience gained through years of studying, teaching and playing the music live. I teach what students want to know and grades are an option if they would like acknowledgement of their achievements. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a University-level student, I can teach anyone and everyone who wants to learn! Here is a short list of the things I typically teach throughout each instrument and style: - Techniques - Composition - Song Writing - Music Theory - Sight Reading - Arranging - Aural Perception - Style Application - Live Performance - Recording and Music Production For lessons, please contact: Email - / Call - 07463067640. For more information, please visit my website:


  • I've been a professional musician and music teacher for the past 6 years
  • I've played various styles of music at highly established venues across the U.K. I'm currently performing acoustically; singing both my own originals and also covers
  • under two separate agencies. I teach privately each week
  • having built up a client base of 40 students and also have a residence teaching guitar
  • singing and music theory in the best music school in the North West. My teaching methods have adapted and changed over the years because I firmly believe the best teachers are the ones who are still learning and bettering themselves. I pay attention to what really does and does not work
  • to create a modern and unique teaching method that is guaranteed to make you the musician you want to be. Playing an array of styles
  • I've taught almost all of them. Each style presents different obstacles that we must overcome to convincingly be able to play that style
  • however with my techniques we will get you there. I've helped people pass auditions and have successfully got people into Schools
  • Colleges and Universities. I have given people the inspiration to better themselves as musicians; with certain students even making a career out of it
  • either by playing live or becoming teachers themselves! I also often see people return to me for lessons after spending time away
  • which is the biggest compliment for me personally - I must be doing something right! Please feel free to send me a message and have a chat about booking some lessons. After all
  • there’s no time like the present - let’s get making you the musician you want to be! Thanks
  • Neil Potter


Fees Duration
1 Hour£20.00
30 min£15:00


  • What a star ⭐ Neil is. My daughter attends for singing and guitar tuition and loves it. Looks forward to every lesson and has improved so much !

  • One of the best music teachers going - learnt so many valuable skills in such a short space of time!

  • I have really enjoyed my guitar lessons with Neil due to his friendly nature, whilst his knowledge and teaching methods have helped me to improve my guitar playing immeasurably in a short space of time. For that reason I would highly recommend him to anyone interested.

  • Fantastic tutor. Recommend 1000 per cent.