Muhammad Hydir Mohd Idris



It would have been an easier route for a big voice like Hydir Idris, however, his endless attempts in trying out various competitions kick started his journey in many ways. With his recent works on YouTube and Soundcloud caught Warner Music Group UK’s attention. Hydir was offered a contract by Instrumental as YouTube Network artist in early 2016 and looks forward to progress in many aspect of the music industry. During his final year at LASALLE College of the Arts, Hydir’s unreleased song entitled ‘Keliru’ was the number 1 track on the LASALLE CD with Dr Joseph Curiale as the executive producer. Since 2005, Hydir have been offered as the lead singer for Dikir Barat as part of his Interschool Competition. He continued to try out as a solo and pursued for Star 2007, Gold Voice Teenage 2008, TKC Idol 2008, to name a few. Most of the competition placed him as top three, thus making him as one of the favourite participant. His journey skyrocketed in Anugerah 2009 when he was listed in TV rounds, which was shown weekly in Mediacorp Suria. Despite being eliminated in Quarter final, Hydir was given a second chance in Wildcard round by judge, Ann Hussein. Hydir was placed in Top 5 Semi Finalist, alongside with Sarah Aqilah, Kunjung Whitaker. His talent was spotted by Gumbira, owned by singer/songwriter Imran Ajmain henceforth. In realizing his capability, Hydir was offered a ballad composed by Malaysian singer/songwriter Hafiz Hamidun. The song was successfully recorded in 2010 at Chapter 6 Studios Singapore. ‘Kasih Belum Termiliki’ written by Ad Samad/ Hafiz Hamidun and composed by Hafiz Hamidun was officially released as the first single for Hydir Idris, which was also promoted through the media. Even though it was not released physically in the form of CD, the preview earned positive response from his fans in YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. The 1 minute single preview garnered almost 30,000 views ever since it was released online in early 2011. Hydir, who recently graduated a Bachelor Of Arts from LASALLE College of the Arts, aspire to learn music and arts in depth and apply his experiences as an artiste. This is evident especially throughout his previous commitment in ‘Malay Radio Academy’ and ‘Classical Guitar course’, both in 2009. Hydir’s next single ‘Marah Aku’ was produced by Sallys Music Productions. ‘Marah Aku’ official music video garnered almost 60,000 views on Hydir Idris Channel and was aired on Mediacorp Suria and Sensasi Starhub Cable TV since 2014. The song was nominated for ‘Most Popular Song (SG)’ on Anugerah Planet Muzik 2015. Then came along his third and fourth ‘Syarina’ and ‘Kau Terindah’. Hydir produced his latest Single ‘Kau Terindah’ alongside Sallys Music Productions thereafter. Hydir looks to excel in studies and pursue his passion through songwriting as well as producing and had successfully organized his first acoustic showcase. It was a remarkable experience and it was one of the milestones in his music career. As a solo and a band artist, Hydir aims to continue to gain as much knowledge as he progresses forward, working relentlessly hard to achieve bigger milestones in the near future as an educator.


  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Music Second Class Honours(Upper Division)
  • Diploma in Popular Music Performance
  • Majoring in Pop Vocals

Additional Information

GCE O'level and N' Level


Fees Duration
1 hour$60