Michael Hutchinson



Michael is a Freelance Drummer and Educator from North east of England. Currently apart of the SoulTone Cymbals Family and D’Addario Education collective, SEN (Sabian Education Network) and is Supported by ProMark sticks and Evans Drum heads, he also plays Tama Startclassic range of drums. Triple-T Drumming Ltd is a registered company, number 08916052, and is run by Michael Hutchinson Web-address: www.tripletdrumming.com Email Address: Michael@tripletdrumming.com We are a family run business with a strong ethos of "Make Music Cool again" our mission is simple "Music is for everyone, lets deliver it to everyone". For a long time Michael wanted to take the enthusiasm and dedication his music teachers gave to him and share that with others, so 3 years ago he decided to look into teaching. After visiting drum kit teachers around the north east, seeing what he needed to do and get some inspiration from them, he decided that not only spending a lot of money doing this and also learning things like "how to swizzle sticks" and "don't play it like that, play it like me", he decided that his goal was NOT to deliver lessons like this and deliver a completely different lesson, a lesson that was all about the drummer, and the needs of the drummer, and what that drummer wanted to learn. He needed to come up with a set of 4 rules to govern his plan. Cost effective, so everyone could afford it A syllabus which was mixed, Rock school syllabus with challenging real life lessons which incorporated what the drummers learning objectives where for the grade they where working on. Location needed to be in an environment where learning was the key, Children safety was at the forefront but was accessible by everyone. And most importantly A right laugh. After defining the plan, Triple-T Drumming was born. After initially starting with a couple of students, taking them through exams and lessons we have grown at an amazing rate, with the use of Web and Social media, but more importantly word of mouth. From here we have went from strength to strength, More and More private students are queuing to get a place, exams results are defining why we do this, with 100% pass rate and proud of it too. We have students which range from 5-55 years young. We have a lot of schools who we work very closely with, and deliver 1st class lessons in the shape of assemblies, on premise lessons, and after school clubs. We have took teachers through lessons on "how to teach children rhythm" classes. We have went from a First Class idea to a First Class School, and we are very proud to say that, and we love what we do. If you would like any more information on private lessons, or school work. if you would like to discuss a project of any kind please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your needs.


Fees Duration
1/2 Hour£15
1 Hour£30
Block Booking 1/2 hour 5 lessons£67.50
Block Booking 1 hour 5 lessons£135