Marek Bero

Bass, Music Theory, Music Production.


Born in the Slovakia, raised by Mongolians, studied in Sweden, lived in Prague, with roots in Ukraine, Marek Bero is true Londoner. My music career started in 1999, when as a 19 year old artist I joined prestigious jazz combos, music sessions, party bands and I was working with highly acclaimed pop/rock/jazz/funk musicians such as Filip Gondolan, Jazz Efteratt, Infinity, to name a few. As a young bass player I gained so much music experience and technique in such a short time performing along top notch professional musicians and music producers. However I felt that now is the time, where I can move on even further and I have started to look for a band where I can express myself more as a composer and music producer. I introduced myself to the Rock and Metal music scene and I was immediately contacted by Five O´Clock Tea, the highly acclaimed nu-metal band. One of our achievements was a performance on the final of the music competition Coca-Cola Pop Star. After a few years touring and performing across Europe I joined the legendary alternative metal-rock band Krucipusk. We recorded and published many albums and EPs in just the three years time that I was part of the band. We regularly performed at prestigious festivals such as Sonisphere and at the Ozzfest 2010 etc. Since 2011 I have been in London, UK. I toured GB with Zodiac´N´Black (support for Warrior Soul) and have been playing and gigging all around London in small/middle sized venues with my progressive band Derek Trotson (album ‘Threads’ released in 2013). In 2014 I’ve formed experimental duo Low Heaven where I can express all my musical thoughts on a full scale. Style-wise is Low Heaven on dark side of electro-rock-funk music with lavish use of effects (always live and organic!). You can listen here our first single Oscillation Of A Chill from up-coming EP Singularity. We’ve already played our first Out and About tour in Europe in May 2015 and now working on an EP plus auditioning for a vocalist to become third member of Low Heaven. In January 2016 I re-joined post-grunge band Stroy which we founded with my mates Michal Skorepa and Milos Meier. In June 2016 we’ve played a show with Mark Tremonti and nowadays Stroy is preparing for a tour with Phil Rudd (ex- AC/DC) scheduled for 9th-20th May 2017. Achievements: I have represented Yamaha basses and Mesa/boogie amps and cabinets for more than five years. As a professional bass player I have been representing these well-known music brands on many European music conferences, events and music workshops. I am heavily involved in music gear reviews, and I have tested hundreds of instruments, amps, cabinets and effects. I have given out many personal & professional online and magazine reviews and recommendations as well as having published a couple of bass method books, which are part of worldwide Amazon and iStore distribution. My influences: Muse, Royal Blood, Tool, Infectious Grooves, Primus, Pantera, J.S.Bach, Alice in Chains, Living Colour, Led Zeppelin, RHCP, Skrillex, Jojo Mayer-Nerve, RATM, The Beatles, Deadmau5, Steven Wilson, Dream Theater, SOAD, Arctic Monkeys In general I admire good songwriting and the art of being an ARTIST in the purest sense of the word and meaning.

Additional Information

Author of five best-selling bass method books - Bass Guitar in Rock and Metal and series Bass Gym


Fees Duration
1 hour600 CZK
1 1/2 hour800 CZK
2 hour1000 CZK
4x 1 hour lesson2000 CZK


  • "I’m lucky enough to have been taught by Marek himself. When I first joined my band Skreamer, he sat with me during our first album recording and showed me just how creative a bassist can be when laying down my parts. It truly opened my eyes!
    His lessons are always something to look forward to. You always leave full of motivation and hunger to improve. Apart from having a flawless technique to look up to, he’s insistent on thinking outside the box at every turn. He pushes you to become not just a better bassist, but a better musician.”

    Serg Ronchetti-Carrete

  • "I have been taking lessons from Marek for a long time and every single lesson was superb. Marek makes learning the bass fun and I found it very helpful.
    He has loads of experience in both studio and live performing. He is an excellent player, enthusiastic about the bass and music in general. All I have learnt from him I found very useful everywhere I played. He always got back to me whenever I had needed a quick help about either instruments or gear!
    He has a great sense of humour and has lots of patience which is needed to have with me. It is truly wonderful to hear him play and really inspiring.
    I would recommend Marek to everyone. Either you only want to learn the basics or to become a top class player, he is the right person for you!"

    - Mira Slama (Savage Mesiah) -