Khanda Mamesah



Born into Musical Family in 1991; Father's a Jazz-Musician (Drummer, Songwriter) & Paternal-Grandfather was a Classical-Musician (Violinist). He continue the Family's Tradition as a Musician (Drummer, Keyboardist, Songwriter) for several Artists/Soloists, Bands (Secular, Gospel) & other Musical Projects since 2007. As Music-Teacher; private & also for 3 Musical Institutions; 2 in Jakarta, 1 in Bekasi since 2011.


  • RSL London Drum Kit Grade 8 (Distinction)
  • IBII (S.E.)
  • Purwacaraka (Classic Piano)
  • WSMS (Pop Keyboard)

Additional Information

*Grade 8 = highest grade. Distinction = best mark-category*. Also teaches Pop Piano/Keyboard, Songwritting Class (Private) & Band Directing


Fees Duration
1/2 hour£10.00
1 hour£18.00


  • My teacher is an excellent instructor! I am continually amazed by the level of expertise and versatility he demonstrates with the drum.

  • I have been playing for 1 years and he is able to develop lessons that challenge and encourage me to grow in my playing and performance.

  • My teacher is able to quickly and effectively teach difficult material in a way that students can easily understand. This is a rare gift in any field. I enthusiastically recommend RockSchool Ltd.