Darren Jones

Music Production.


I've been producing music since the early 90s, and using Cubase since that time. Having taught at a wide range of schools, colleges and universities, I'm continuing to teach privately while working on projects for myself and for clients. I've written a number of books on music technology, and have been a Steinberg Certified Trainer for several years. While having worked with Pro Tools, Logic, Studio One, Live, Reason, Sibelius and other more esoteric platforms, it's Cubase which is my main DAW, and where I'm comfortable teaching. I'm committed to teaching pupils what they need to know to make the music they want to make, combining music technology and musical knowledge to improve abilities, workflow and knowledge, and happy to offer advice on a single project or create a long-term course of learning.


  • Steinberg Certified Trainer


Fees Duration
1 hour£30