Christo RJ Botha

Vocals, Music Theory.


Christo R.J is a talented artist, music educator and adjudicator. Christo developed a love for music as a pre-scholar and enjoyed singing and “tokkeling” on the piano. Christo soon realized that he wants to work in the performing arts and started to participate in school choirs, revues and musicals. He also competed in various competitions ranging from Druiwefees Idols, ABSA School Idols, Tahila (Radio Kansel), ATKV, Marble Hall Idols, Build It Idols, South African Championships of Performing Arts and the World Championships of Performing Arts. Christo started taking lessons from an early age under the guidance of Marga Roos, Chris Coetzer, Ina Wiegand and Barboara Tellinger. Christo started teaching singing lessons while still in high school and throughout the duration of his music studies at the University of Pretoria. In 2012 Christo completed his BA MUSIC degree with Jazz-vocals as his first instrument at the University of Pretoria as well as his Level 6, Rockschools Music Performance Licentiate. Christo started his own singing studio “VIVA CANTANDO” in 2010, which was also part of Respiro Studio and in 2013 Christo decided to work as part of the Respiro-team. Christo had the opportunity to participate in various performances like: the Operetta, “Candide” as part of the moving ensemble and he also “debuted” as “actor” in a final year music theatre student’s play called “Die gat in die klavier”. Christo also had the opportunity to act as a cast member (singing and acting) in the Afrikaans drama, ‘Wasem’, which was performed at the Grahams town Art Festival 2013. He was part of the EXTENCO duo and is currently more focused on coaching but still performs as a hobby.


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