Charlotte Broadbent

Music Theory, Vocals.


  • Singing/Vocals Grade 1-8


Fees Duration
30 mins£15.00
60 mins£25.00


  •  have always loved singing & came across the Forum in Darlington through a friend of mine who had been teaching there.
    Charlotte immediately put me at ease & over the next couple of years , spent many a happy hour making music together & singing songs from musical theatre that she introduced me to , that I had never heard of . She took me on a journey , where I discovered my musical style & I developed my voice , from a basic nice voice , to one that was more powerful & I found out my musical style . Also was in very difficult circumstances at the time , but Charlotte was calm & made sure it never effected our sessions. It improved my confidence no end.
    I have gone on to sing in a few different small clubs & pubs & am now in a womens choir. I would not hesitate to go to her for lessons.

    Hilda Hirst

  • It took me five teachers to find a singing teacher that I truly enjoyed. Singing in a room with one person leaves you very open which was something I struggled with until I found Charlotte who made me feel comfortable and gave me confidence in public performances. She made her lessons great fun as well as giving genuinely constructive advice and exercises, there was a lot of freedom on my part - you learn what you want to learn. I couldn’t recommend her enough!

    Anna Wilson