Casee Robinson-Wilson



Fully DBS checked, friendly, local singing teacher. I can help you with breath control, pitch, placement, vocal health, preparation for performance and auditions, and Rockschool grade exams. I have been singing for over two decades, and teaching for over 4 years.


  • Vocals - Grade 8 (Distinction) - August 2013
  • Educare Child Protection Training Course

Additional Information

Member of the British Voice Association Member of the Musician's Union


Fees Duration
Introductory session (45 mins)£10
5 hours/10 half hours (Block booking discount)£150


  • I started singing lessons because I wanted to find out if I have a voice. In just a few lessons I feel I have definitely made progress. Casee is very encouraging, genuinely excited when improvements are made and tactfully makes suggestions when things are not quite hitting the mark. She is excellent at weighing up personalities, adjusting her teaching methods accordingly. She has tremendous knowledge of and an infectious enthusiasm for her subject, as well as a great sense of humour. I always come away from her lessons with a spring in my step.


  • I was hoping to achieve greater confidence in my singing ability, in addition to expanding them to cover what I felt were obvious shortfalls. I definitely feel that during the block of lessons I was steadily improving and now feel much happier with my singing prowess. My favourite thing about the lessons was that I always felt like it was a team effort - there was no brow-beating or claims that I just needed to try harder, any difficulties were assessed and overcome co-operatively. Casee brings years of experience in singing technique together with great one-on-one tutoring skills, meaning you can feel yourself making progress in each lesson. Also, while homework assignments were given, never before has 'homework' been synonymous with 'fun' for me.


  • I can personally vouch for how great this teacher is. Whether you've been singing on stage for 20 years like me or whether you've never done more than sing in the shower this lady will help you tap the vocal potential that you never knew you had. Jono, The Bleeding Hearts and Artists

    Jono (TBHA)

  • As a beginner, I had no idea about the basics that make good singing possible. By learning the fundamentals (placement, breathing, how to warm up, etc) I found that I now learn a little bit every time I sing, because I know what to look for. Casee understands how to teach while being encouraging, even when I'm not feeling inspired after a long day at work. Having a structured course (ten weeks and a recording session or an exam) keeps me focussed and has seen me progressing. I've gone from being embarrassed about my singing to being rather proud about the progress I'm making.