Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Music Theory.


Teaching is my passion


  • Grade 8 Acoustic
  • Grade 8 Electric
  • UAL Level 3 Extended Diploma in Music Performance and Production (Music Performance)

Additional Information

Working on my Classical grades whilst working as a full time tutor!


Fees Duration
1/2 Hour20
1 Hour35
2 Hour60
90 minutes50


  • Ben provides great, relaxed tuition.

    I started last February and with Ben's guidance I feel I have greatly progressed both my theoretical and practical understanding of music.

    The lessons are very flexible, I currently have a weekly lesson every Wednesday shortly after work.

    Ben has covered a vast range of playing styles, and is more than willing to tailor the lessons to your interests.

    If you're looking for a professional, experienced and approachable tutor, Ben is your guy!

  • Ben taught my son Louis guitar pretty much from scratch from approximately 14 - 18 years of age. Never increased his prices during those years. He led him through five graded guitar exams too. Always a pleasure to know him and trust him in my home every week. He arranged for some Open Mic events for Louis too where he sang and played guitar. Louis is now at Music Uni.

  • Ben started teaching my daughter when she was 7 and after 2 years she enjoyed playing her first solo piece at the church last Christmas. Ben is now teaching me and my son who is only 4. We both really enjoy the lessons.

  • Ben taught me guitar for 2 years. He helped me with music theory and how to create my own riffs as well as covering and refining the basics.

    I was given many opportunity to perform in front of a live audience with Ben and other students which massively improved my confidences as a performer.

    Ben is a brilliant music teacher and a great guy.