SupaJam: Encouraging young people to build a bright future through Music Education

SupaJam is a multi-award-winning specialist education provider for disadvantaged and vulnerable young people aged 16-18 and 19+, with Special Educational Needs and Educational Health Care Plans. SupaJam have chosen to take a different approach when it comes to helping young people, by using music to advance the educational development of those with special educational needs.

Founders Nick Stillwell and David Court are dedicated to the work they do and funded the school themselves for two years before it was officially recognised. The institution was initially formed to help aid six local teenagers. The program has now grown to over 70 pupils who are receiving life-changing support from industry professionals, which include safeguarding specialists and one-to-one tutors in Math and English.

“These kids are too young to abandon, this is our society and we have to fight for them.” Nick Stillwell, Founder

This is not your ordinary education institution, for a start everyone at SupaJam gets to meet and learn from top people in the industry. Bassist Guy PrattPink Floyd often attends SupaJam to deliver workshops that aim to boost student's motivation skills and inspire them to follow the footsteps of their favourite artists.

SupaJam currently offer pupils RSL Music Practitioners Diplomas at Levels 1, 2 and 3, which carry UCAS points for university applications, and span the breadth of job roles within the industry. Last year the first three SupaJam graduates were accepted into university: an extremely proud moment for the school, with many more going directly into the industry of their chosen field.  All this success have recently helped the SupaJam gain a lot of well deserved media attention.  They have already been featured in the Guardian and several broadcasters have pitched the possibility of developing a documentary about the project. SupaJam student recording session The founders have big plans for SupaJam. Not only do they want to continue to help as many young people as possible in the region, they are planning to take the project nationwide, improving many more young lives in the process.