GCSE and A Level Music – Only half the story about school music & qualifications.

For 60 years the mainstream music education establishment has been worrying why their version of music education has declined in popularity. During that time a new, contemporary and alternative approach to music education has been created in the UK. In schools and colleges this means more pupils and students are studying for music qualifications than ever before.

RSL Awards have analysed the data published by the regulators (Ofqual) available in the public domain. We are delighted to be able to show the positive impact that popular music qualifications have had in schools and colleges, fuelling the pipeline of the next generation of music industry professionals.

Norton York, RSL Awards Chairman and Founder, has compiled the analysed data and has published his findings in a statement that he hopes fills the information gap and enables policy makers, researchers and the music industry to celebrate the success of the formal pop music education institutions, qualifications and courses that have turned this contemporary approach to music education into a success.

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Norton York Statement – The Full Picture of Music Qualifications in the UK

Norton York Rockschool

The history, background and context to this research will be set out in greater detail later this Autumn in a book published to coincide with RSL Awards’ 30th Anniversary by Norton York ‘Pop Music Education in the UK – 1960-2020’. To register interest in receiving news about the publication of this title, please email RSL at: NathalieGouverneur@rslawards.com