If the last couple of years have taught us anything as teachers, it’s that we need to think outside the box. Various changes in how to work have been put on us with no notice and we’ve had to adapt in order to survive.

This article has been written for Rockschool on behalf of MusicTeacher.com by Leigh Fuge

While many of us have turned our attention to teaching online, it does mean we have to work a little harder to attract new students. This is where we can turn our attention to social media.

Social media is the largest directory of potential customers in the world. Imagine having access to billions of people that could be interested in your service. Let’s face it, if we’re teaching online we can think wider than our local area, right?

Here are a few things you can do to achieve online visibility as a teacher.

Create a Dedicated Social Page for Your Business

Create a page on Facebook and a profile on Instagram all about your teaching business. This becomes your business hub on social media. This is where you will want to drive people to, and it becomes your online teaching presence. Keep your teaching life separate from your personal life.

We all love seeing pictures of pets, but think about your potential clients. They want to see a professional teacher. On your business page, post only things relating to music and your teaching business.

This goes for your RSL Teacher Registry profile too - check out RSL’s advice for creating and maintaining a professional looking Teacher Registry profile as part of your online portfolio.


Facebook & Instagram Ads

Social media allows us to create and run adverts as well as boosting posts from business pages. The great thing here is that it doesn’t cost much, and you can target your audience. You can set a range of parameters such as location, age, interests and more. The advert algorithm then gets to work and puts your business ad in the newsfeed of those who might be interested.

From personal experience, though this is quite different for each person, I’ve found the best results come from a very informative poster style image or a video.

You can set the advert to run on Facebook and Instagram together as they are part of the same company (Facebook owns Instagram).

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Post Regular Engaging Content

Keep these pages up to date. Post what you’re doing and what you’ve been working on. Keep your audience in the loop and try to engage with them as much as you can. Social media runs on being social. If people comment, get a comment back to them. Try to keep the conversation flowing and make your page an interesting place for people to visit.

Video is Your New Best Friend

Embrace video. When you are attracting business online you need your personality to come across. Get used to the idea of shooting videos. These videos can be used to market you and your ability as a teacher. Create some fun topics for YouTube to share around. If you are a guitar teacher, why not create a video about some easy guitar riffs. For a piano teacher, make a “Your first chords in 5 minutes” style video. Get people talking.

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About the Author:

This article has been written for Rockschool on behalf of MusicTeacher.com by Leigh Fuge, a professional guitarist, tutor and journalist from Wales in the UK. He has been working in the music industry for over 10 years as a touring and studio musician with various artists, guitar tutor and writer for many high profile guitar publications. Read more of Leigh's pieces relating to Rockschool here...