At RSL Awards we appreciate that the landscape of music education has changed dramatically over the past few months.

As we creep closer to a return to normality, Rockschool face to face exams are back this winter. In this PDF you’ll find our 6 Steps to Success to help you get back in the swing of performing.

We appreciate that it may be a while since you’ve played in front of an audience, never mind perform an assessed exam, so we’ve included some tools to get you in the right state of mind and ready to nail your exam!


Confidence is Key!

Get in the right frame of mind for your exam with our Practice Advice before learning more about goal-based learning. Use our ‘Confidence is Key’ piano to plot your journey from shaky sight reader to exam-ready excellence and follow our Social Media Tips to ensure you concentrate on the positives in your music-making.

Unsure about what the exam day will entail? No worries! We’ve also got an exam day walkthrough to help you familiarise yourself with how the day itself will work.

Get top tips from some of our most experienced examiners

We spoke to our team of Senior Examiners, all of whom are experts in their field, and managed to grab some of their secret top tips for calming nerves ahead of, and during, your exam. These guys know what they're talking about and are at the top of their game when it comes to assessing Rockschool graded music exams, so take heed of what they say!

But that's enough from us! Hit the download button to get your free PDF today. Good luck with your practising and be sure to keep us posted on how you’re doing on our social media below!


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Your safety is paramount in our upcoming UK & Ireland exam period. You can download our safety protocols to learn more about how we're keeping you safe this winter.


The Rockschool summer exam period runs from 1st November to 18th December. Ready to take the plunge? Enter now before the 16th October deadline!