KR Players can be used at all Grades up to Grade 8 in the following Rockschool Exams: Drums, Guitar, Bass and Vocal. Please read the below information carefully before using the app in your exam.

Notice to Candidates

  • KR Players can be used to sight read the Performance Pieces and Technical Exercises
  • The exam mode function must be enabled for the duration of the exam and this will be checked by the examiner
  • Vocalists may use the transpose function, but guitarists and bass players are prohibited
  • A lead connecting the candidate's ipad to the examiner's PA/desk will be provided in the exam
  • For the Performance Pieces, following examiner instruction to do so, candidates will start/stop their own tracks and perform the pieces
  • The volume of the KR player will be sound checked in advance of the first piece
  • For the Technical Exercises, the examiner will start/stop the audio (clicks and backings)
  • The remaining Sight Reading, Improvisation/Interpretation, Quick Study Piece and Ear Tests will take place using the examiner's materials and audio
  • General Musicianship Questions at the end of the exam will be based on one of the pieces performed by the candidate in the exam. In the absence of a grade book, the KR version will be used for the questions

Other Requirements

  • Candidates must bring their own iPad with the chosen pieces already downloaded inside the KR
  • Candidates are not allowed to use any function other than the exam mode in the exam. (See exceptions below*)
  • Candidates must bring their own iPad, with chosen pieces already downloaded inside the KR app
  • All candidates must have purchased a complete 'book' as a hard copy (printed) grade book, or in digital form in KR player format
  • Candidates may purchase individual tracks to play in the exam, so long as a hard copy of the grade book or the complete KR book package (i.e. 6 tracks and supporting tests) have been purchased
  • On purchase of the complete book candidates will be given a Rockschool Exam Code. This will need to be shown to the examiner before starting the exam
  • The candidate is responsible for providing additional chargers, or any means of charging the device before or during the exam. All ipads need to be suitably charged to last for the duration of the exam
  • The candidate is responsible for the condition of the iPad being used for the purpose of the exam. If the iPad is cracked and or in any way deemed as not useable for the exam this will be seen as the responsibility of the candidate. The examiners audio will need to be used in place of the ipad in this event
  • The exam centre will provide a music stand during the examination. This may not be a stand which is compatible with the candidate's iPad. If the iPad being used for the exam falls off the stand and is in any way damaged, Rockschool Ltd cannot accept liability
  • Vocalists can use the KR app to transpose for the performance pieces and technicals.
  • Please note there is no 'with click' option for drummers wishing to use the KR player in the exam. Pieces can only be played to the 'no-click' option

Book Preview

Preview a complete book in the KR Player

Exam Code

Preview how to locate the Rockschool exam code