Take control of your practice sessions! Download entire Grade Books straight to your iPad, and use KR Player's versatile and speedy looping, transposing and score playback features to perfect your performances for your exams.

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Introducing the KR Player for iPad

Rockschool has teamed up with London-based technology experts, Knowledge Rocks, to bring you this enjoyable way to work through the Rockschool Guitar, Bass, Drums and Vocals syllabus. The free KR Player for iPad is the perfect practice tool, with everything you need to work on your Rockschool Grade exams in one place.

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KR Player is available on several mobile devices.

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KR Player has some amazing features designed to give you absolute freedom and control over your practice.

Preview of tempo being adjusted on the KR Player iPad App

Easily Adjust Tempo and Key

KR Player can accurately adjust the BPM and key of each performance piece – fine-tune the speed and pitch of your practice piece to help you learn quicker.

Preview of KR Player iPad App looping feature

Loop Entire Sections or Individual Bars

KR Player's intuitive looping system lets you pin down a specific bar or passage in your a performance piece. You can use it to develop new ideas for improvisation sections in your exam.

Downloading a book on the KR Player iPad App

Download Only What You Need

Download a specific performance piece or entire Grade books from the KR Store.

Preview of sheet music scrolling in the KR Player iPad App

Perfect Scrolling

KR Player has smooth, seamless scrolling of sheet music, so you can focus on nailing your Performance Piece.

Preview of the KR Player iPad App being used in an exam

Use it in the Exam

Bring your download code to your exam and you can download the entire contents of each Grade Book to your iPad. Learn more about using the KR Player in your exam

Get Started Today?

  1. Download KR Player from the App Store
  2. Click on the available downloads below, or search for ‘Rockschool' inside the KR store and choose your Grade Book, Performance Piece or supporting tests
  3. Once you've made your Rockschool purchase, the corresponding grade book will appear in your KR library to use when you want
Available on the App Store

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Available Downloads

You can use the KR Player with the Rockschool 2012-2018 guitar, bass and drums syllabus and 2014-2017 vocals syllabus. Further downloads for the full Rockschool range will be available soon.



Can the KR Player be used instead of buying a grade book? Yes! Simply bring your iPad with you to the exam and show the "Exam Code" to the examiner. Learn more about using the KR Player in the exam.
How does it work in an exam situation? You can use the KR Player in the exact same way as you would your Grade Book, except your backing track is already built in. Simply set up and away you go. Learn more about using the KR Player in the exam.
Is it available on iPhone or Android? The KR Player is currently available on iPad iOS7+ and Android.