Goal-focused learning is a fantastic way to motivate yourself. It’s always easier to remain positive when you’re hitting some regular targets and staying on top of your practice regime. We’re here to help you set your very best music practice goals before your graded music exam this winter.

Identify the parts of the exam that need the most attention!

It’s all too easy to play the parts you’re good at, right? We get a huge level of satisfaction when we play something through that we are proud of, and so it feels all too tempting to start every practice session with that. If this is how you (rock and) roll, then you need to set this target for your practice. Sadly, in the exam you can’t just play your favourite parts, and you’re going to need to get it all right. Set yourself a goals before you start practising: to nail that one section you’re afraid of, or smash the scale that’s been giving you nightmares. You’ll thank yourself later - we promise!

Create a practice schedule that works for you!

With all the good intentions in the world, we know how easy it is to get distracted, and how life has a habit of whisking you away! We also know that when an exam deadline is looming, it can be easy to cancel all your plans just so you can practice, practice, practice. However, you can avoid both of these scenarios by simply creating a good practice schedule. That way, you can make sure you get enough hours in, whilst still leaving you time to enjoy doing other things. Balance, people!

If you’re not sure where to start with a practice schedule, download our Six Step to Exam Success PDF today!

Regularly interact with your online resources!

This could not be more important now, especially with the world we are currently living in. Online resources are a great way to shake up your learning to keep it fresh and prevent it from becoming repetitive. Why not start using the RSL Replay program today?!

Listen to music from a similar era and style!

This one might seem less pressing when you’re preparing for an exam, but don’t forget the importance of context. To become a well-rounded musician, it is critical to understand the landscape in which your pieces were composed, played and performed, and figure out how they fit in to the wider context of the genre. Perhaps a music practice goal you could set here is to listen to one related song at the end of each session!

Complete a successful practice exam at home!

What is a list of music practice goals if you do not include a full run-through – the final showdown, if you will. It’s time for that complete performance of your exam pieces before your exam comes steaming around the corner. We like the idea of performing this in front of friends or family if you can. It’s a great way to get that performance adrenaline back, and to become familiar with a scenario where, if you make a mistake, you cannot start again! Keep going!

Here are some tips on exam preparation from a few of our senior examiners...

Reward yourself!

Yes, you’re allowed to include rewards on your goals list. What would all the hard work be for if you can’t have a little celebration afterwards?! A word of advice from us though, make sure you schedule the celebrations for AFTER your exam (and certainly not the night before it!).

The next UK & Ireland exam period is fast approaching, leaving you with just enough time to implement these goal practices into your schedule, to ensure the result that you’ve been hoping for!

Enter for your exam now, before time runs out!