5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Save Music Education In Schools!


The Department for Education has announced plans to make the narrowly defined English Baccalaureate (EBacc) all but compulsory in schools.

The EBacc proposal means that every pupil taking their GCSEs would have to study a minimum of seven, narrowly defined, GCSEs: English literature and English language, maths, double or triple science, a modern and/or ancient language, history and/or geography. If the government get their way there would be little or no room for students wanting to study art, music, dance, design, drama or other creative industry relevant subjects. This simply cannot happen. The government's consultation on Arts in education closes 29th January 2016 - here are 5 things you can do right now to save the music education in schools:
  1. Respond to the government consultationWhilst the consultation does not ask whether or not the EBacc is a good idea it still provides us with a vital opportunity to make our voices heard. You can write your own personal response or use the campaign teams template letter.
  2. Write to your MPYou can also write to you local MP to express your concerns. The campagin team have already created a nifty template for you: Click here to view
  3. Sign up to the campaign petitionSign the petition here
  4. Share this articleSharing is caring! Spread the word to your networks across social media who may have similar concerns.
  5. Start your own campaign Facebook page and join the debate on Twitter using the hashtag #BaccfortheFuture

John Simpson, Chief Executive at RSL also commented:

 The UK is the world leader in music and creative arts and it is a very valuable, ever growing part of our economy and our exports. To maintain this position, it is vital that music and the creative arts are an intrinsic part of all children's education. For this reason we oppose the EBacc and ask policy makers to focus on providing children with a fully rounded education which includes not only Maths, English and sciences, but also music and the creative arts.  The Bacc for the Future campaign is coordinated by the Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM) and (at the time of publish) is backed by 166 organisations from across the arts