Warwick Music Group and RSL Awards have announced an innovative new partnership and collaboration.

These two Queens’ Award winning companies will create a series of “Learn to Play Trombone” and “Learn to Play Trumpet” print and digital publications as part of a “horns” offer for RSL examinations at the Premiere level. These will give beginners the opportunity to learn brass music using contemporary and popular music genres.

The books will incorporate a unique graphic notation called BrassTabs® that enables beginners to make music easily and quickly in any key. BrassTabs® has been developed with leading international educators led by Warwick Music’s director of innovation and creativity, Chris Fower.

Steven Greenall, CEO of Warwick Music Group commented:

“We are delighted to work with such an innovative partner in RSL on this important project. It’s vital that we provide beginners with the opportunity to learn music in their preferred musical genres, allowing them to learn music in the language of music. Both companies have a track record of making music accessible and fun!”

John Simpson, CEO of RSL Awards added:

“Warwick Music Group have built an outstanding reputation as one the leading British companies in the field of brass music education. They are a natural fit when it comes to us expanding our graded solutions and learning opportunities for all our customers.”

Warwick Music, whose music publications are already utilised extensively by examination boards globally, will also support RSL in the development of their new brass exam syllabi. Coupled with this, Warwick Music will also be launching a new service offer for consumers including their award-winning instruments, one-to-one online lessons with expert teachers, and learning resources leading to an RSL-certified grade exam.

About Warwick Music Group

In just five years, Warwick Music Group’s team of musicians, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts became world-leaders and the dominant manufacturer of brass instruments created in recyclable ABS plastic. Their innovative approach has radically changed a sector of the music market that has experienced little change for two centuries.

Based near Tamworth, West Midlands, Warwick Music Group (WMG) now spans four continents: North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania (Australia).

WMG believes in the way in which music can transform lives, support educational achievement and bring people together. By creating high quality, durable and affordable wind and brass instruments the company is making the joy of music both accessible and fun.

WMG has also developed an extensive range of award-winning teaching resources, whilst Warwick Music Publishing, which started in 1994 with a single piece by eminent British composer and trombonist Gustav Holst, has recently converted its sheet music catalogue to a digital download service for consumers. It now features more than 1,000 titles covering a variety of genres, styles and abilities and representing composers from across the globe.

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About RSL Awards

In 1991, under the direction of founder Norton York, Rockschool created a unique set of products for a brand-new marketplace: recognised, graded qualifications for contemporary musicians. The traditional instruments performing in a rock band were included in the original graded examinations, Electric guitar, Bass guitar and Drums. After the initial success with these instruments, the company has developed syllabi in Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Piano and Keyboards, Ukulele, Contemporary Music Theory and the world's first Music Production syllabus.

Over recent years the company, based in West London, has developed a full suite of Vocational Qualifications for the creative industries, which are delivered in over 500 schools and colleges, principally in the UK. These sit alongside a program of contemporary dance qualifications (PAA), covering three distinct disciplines: musical theatre, jazz and street dance and a new suite of first to market Creative Qualifications in Vlogging and Podcasting.

RSL qualifications are recognised and regulated at the highest level by Ofqual, SFA, CCEA, Qualifications Wales and the Department for Education, with successful level 3 (Grades 6–8) exams being awarded UCAS points, bolstering university applications.