Tune up your guitar, warm up your vocal cords, and set up your drum kit - it's time for the RSL Virtual Music Festival 2022!

The RSL Virtual Music Festival returns for a third year! The submission window is officially open for this year's festival, running Wednesday 17th & Thursday 18th of August. We'll be featuring your performance videos across Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, so we need YOU to get involved! Read on to learn more about this opportunity to take centre stage from the comfort of your own home by sending us videos of you performing your favourite Rockschool tracks no later than midnight on 31st July.

So what will the festival look like?

Our Virtual Music Festival will run for two days on Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th August across our website and social media. It will be free to attend and will not require a sign up. Simply head to our Facebook, Instagram and TikTok channels for two days of great entertainment!

Who's performing?

You are! We want to display just how talented all of the students and teachers who use Rockschool and RSL Classical materials are, so we'll be uploading your performances of Rockschool tunes on our social media over the course of the online festival. We just need you to send us your performances, and the fun can begin!

Sounds good! I'm interested in performing. What sort of thing should I send in?

That's really up to you! Ideally a live performance of several songs that's over 10 minutes in length but no longer than 30 minutes would be great. Think of it as a mini concert with a setlist of songs that are united in some way, whether that's through the genre of music, the Rockschool grade, or a more general overall theme. If you want to play five Rockschool love songs, that's perfect! Fancy recording a selection of RSL Classical pieces? Yes please! Or maybe you want to cover songs by R&B artists, or 90s popstars, or songs that all begin with the same letter. As long as your performance is killin', your recording is decent quality, and you're playing Rockschool or RSL Classical pieces, we'd love to hear from you.

All of the performances from last year are still up across Facebook and Instagram if you want to check them out. We've included examples of submissions we had last year that made the cut, but we're always on the lookout for new, unique performances, so feel free to do your own thing!

Okay, I'm in! But how will I record my performance?

High quality audio and visual recordings are fantastic, but don't stress too much about this. Take a read of the tips on our Recorded Digital Exams page to optimise your footage.

Once you're happy with your performance, please email it to marketing@rslawards.com no later than midnight, 31st July!

If the file is too big to send as an attachment, you can upload your file to WeTransfer.com and send us a download link so we can easily download your performance.

Please do send us the name(s), age(s) and any social media handles of the performer(s) featured in the video so we can attribute and promote accordingly!

Is my level of experience right?

Absolutely! Last year we showcased performances by absolute beginners playing pieces from our Debut syllabuses right through to professional performers doing advanced Grade 8 and Diploma material. We want to include as broad a range of levels, styles, and backgrounds as possible, so don't hesitate to submit your performance.

So what next once I've submitted my video?

Sit back and wait! If your submission is selected, we will be in touch with you directly to get more info for your performance. For those whose submissions aren't successful in applying to feature in the festival, we will keep your videos on file and be in touch for other opportunities of featuring on our social media channels. Unfortunately we cannot reply to every entry because of the high quantity of submissions we receive, but please rest assured we look at every entry!

And that's it! We can't wait to see what you've got in store for us... Good luck!