Brand Ambassador: Billy Cobham

RSL teams up with the inspirational, drumming innovator - Billy Cobham!

RSL is delighted to announce the legendary drummer, Billy Cobham, as our new “Noted in Music” brand ambassador.

Billy was the first drummer to combine the power of rock, the groove of funk and the finesse of Jazz, into a fusion never seen or heard before. To this day no one has been able to match the ability and technical precision necessary to create such a unique, musical marriage.

After receiving his first drum kit at the age of fourteen, he began a musical journey that left the music industry forever changed. Billy has recorded for the legendary Atlantic Records, made seminal music alongside Miles Davis, co-founded the Mahavishnu Orchestra (1971), and became one of a very small number of drummers to lead a band into the USA’s billboard top 50, which he achieved in 1973 (also his debut solo record).

Prog contemporaries Bill Bruford of King Crimson has stated that Billy had a vital impact on his playing style, with younger players such as: Danny Carey of Tool and Pop icon, Prince, also citing him as a key influence on their work. Rolling Stone magazine placed Cobham at number 45 in their ‘100 Greatest Drummers of All Time’ article, published in 2016.

Cobham has been working as an advisor for RSL, with the mutual aim to inspire music lovers looking to develop their musical talent through education. The collaboration comes at a perfect time. With RSL’s brand new GDB syllabus (Guitar, Bass & Drums) just around the corner, Billy can help to influence a brand-new wave of musicians all over again.

Back on tour for 2018!

RSL is also excited to announce that you will be able see the man himself at a variety of locations on his upcoming 2018/19 tour. To witness the power, precision and intricacies of the Billy Cobham Band, look out for further details relating to the dates and venues listed below:

Feb, 22-24 (2018) Milan, Italy

June, 25-30 (2018) London, UK

Jul, 22-29 (2018) Mesa, AZ

November, 2 (2018) Malaga Festival, Spain

November, 2 (2018) Coburg, Germany

March, 14 (2019) KKL Luzern, Switzerland