News 25 September, 2023

RSL Meets…Academy of Expressive Arts

RSL Meets…

The Academy of Expressive Arts

There’s a place where aspiring young performers flock to and budding actors train to stand out in the industry and it’s right in the heart of Aberdeen. Do you know it?  

The Academy of Expressive Arts is the ideal place for eager creatives, and we’re pleased to announce that AEA has become one of our most recent RSL centres delivering grades from Musical Theatre, Vocals and Public Speaking. This outstanding academy’s main goal is to encourage their students to aspire, enjoy and achieve great things and there’s no doubt that each student is doing this.  

We sat down with Director, Principal and Founder of AEA, Shanna Logan, in this first ever RSL Meets interview. Find out firsthand how the ethos of the school is propelling its students to new heights from the person who started it all.

Wondering if RSL’s PAA qualifications are right for you?

In this snippet, Director, Principal and Founder of The Academy of Expressive Arts Shanna Logan shares why RSL’s Performance Arts Awards were the perfect qualifications for her students.

RSL’s Performance Arts Awards (PAA) qualifications are tailor made to empower young performers who are passionate about excelling within the creative arts. Built by industry professionals with flexibility and creative autonomy in mind, PAA grades span a range of performing arts disciplines including Musical Theatre, Jazz Dance, Street Dance, Acting, Screen Acting and Public Speaking. Spanning from Premiere to Grade 8 (depending on PAA discipline) learners can gain the skills required to stand out in the industry today and the various exam format options available, make PAA examinations accessible to all no matter your location, facilities or abilities.

To learn more about PAA graded exams, click the button below.

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