RSL Learning Platform – Your Teaching & Learning Management Tool

Manage your organisation’s… Teaching & Learning!

Give your teachers and students the ability to access the world of Rockschool and RSL Classical at the touch of a button and enrich your organisation’s music teaching with the RSL Learning Platform.

The RSL Learning Platform is the perfect interactive practise tool to help your students make consistent progress on their instrument, whilst giving your teachers complete access to all available Rockschool and RSL Classical graded music materials. This app will transform your organisation’s music teaching, the way your students are set goals and how they (and their parents) receive formative feedback.

The platform allows you to create and manage a unique connection between your teachers and your students (and their parents), enabling a seamless transition between in-lesson work and their personal practice. From the app your teachers can manage their students’ practice routines, directly setting and assigning individual tasks including attempt limits, accuracy levels and instructional comments. It can even be used to host online lessons should you wish.



What's Inside?

Institutional Management

RSL Awards’ cloud based Institutional Management tool enables organisations to centrally manage student / teacher connections, providing all teachers and their students / parents with unique accounts to the Learning Platform. Students can be switched between teachers without any loss of progress data as they move through school.

Student Management Portal

Your teachers can manage their portfolio of students to keep on top of their teaching diary. Through the RSL Learning Platform they will be able to set homework tasks, monitor their progress outside of contact time and review students’ completed assignments. These assignments can utilise existing Rockschool content or user-generated exercises uploaded to the platform.

Full Access to Grade Book Materials

The Learning Platform gives teachers and students complete access to a huge library of RSL Awards’ grade book materials. Performance pieces and their accompanying backing tracks, technical exercises, sight reading / improvisation, and supporting tests currently available include Debut – Grade 8 in almost all Rockschool and RSL Classical instruments.

Virtual Classroom Functionality

Alongside the student management portal, the Learning Platform benefits from RealTime Audio – an integrated music-specific, ultra-low latency videocall function* – allowing teachers to seamlessly deliver online teaching all from within the platform. Students can also record videos of their performance directly into the platform, allowing teachers to review and feedback with ease.

Instant Practice Feedback

MatchMySound’s state-of-the-art technology provides students with immediate automated feedback on assigned pieces and practice sessions. They will be given a score out of 100, measured against pitch, rhythm, and tempo, so they can see instant success of their performances and highlight areas of improvement. The video record function also enables teachers to record short guidance videos on specific playing techniques.

Interactive Score Player

The Learning Platform provides an enriched teaching and learning experience, giving users the ability to slow down and loop specific sections of performance pieces. Teachers will also be able to listen back to recordings of students playing along with pieces so they can evaluate performances and measure the efficacy of students’ practice.

Getting Started

Accessing The App


RSL Learning Platform


We offer multi-seat threshold discounts to enable student subscriptions to be embedded into your tuition fees. Teaching accounts are free, with no limit to the amount of free teacher accounts issued.

Institutional Management contacts are rolling annual contracts based on an agreed student subscription threshold. RSL Awards invoice you through an agreed payment scheduled, with contracts reviewed annually or once initial thresholds have been exceeded, whichever is the sooner.

Contracts may be cancelled at any time after the first year but will be billed to the end of the nearest month from the date of cancellation.



The RSL Learning Platform has been designed to work using Google Chrome on any personal computer as well as having bespoke apps for iOS and Android. The RSL Learning Platform will work on any size or configuration of smartphone / tablet device via 4G/5G or an active internet connection.

Learning-platform-apple-app-store Learning-platform-google-play-android
Please note you will need an active internet connection.



*additional hardware required.