Learning Platform e-books

Learning Platform E-books Upgrade your learning experience!

We've enhanced our digital grade book offering. Our brand new e-books, utilising Learning Platform technology, are the ultimate practise tool, allowing you to master your instrument and prepare for your graded music exam like never before.

The e-book interactive sheet music player gives you the ability to jam along with, slow down and loop tricky passages of your favourite Rockschool and RSL Classical performance pieces, whilst receiving automated instantaneous feedback so you can achieve your goals with confidence.

What's inside the e-books?

Digital Access to your Grade Book

The Learning Platform E-books give users unrivalled digital access to their selected RSL Awards grade book. The digital resource includes the performance pieces and their accompanying guidance notes; backing tracks and full exemplar material; technical exercises; sight reading, improvisation and supporting tests. The e-books are currently available across Debut – Grade 8 in almost all Rockschool and RSL Classical instruments.

Instant Practice Feedback

MatchMySound’s state-of-the-art technology provides students with immediate automated feedback on performance pieces and practice sessions. They will be given feedback measured against pitch, rhythm, and tempo, so they can see instant success of their performances and highlight areas of improvement.

Interactive Score Player

The e-books provide an enriched teaching and learning experience, giving you the ability to slow down and loop specific sections of performance pieces. You will also be able to download recordings of your performances so you can evaluate and measure the progress of your practice.

Get started and try them for yourself!

Powered by MatchMySound’s innovative technology, you can access your e-book from any device. So, no matter where you are when inspiration strikes, you'll be able to practise better!

Our enhanced music learning experience is accessible with all instrument grade e-book purchases across the Rockschool and RSL Classical suites, including; Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals, Violin, Piano, Classical Piano, Keyboard and Ukulele.


We’ve embedded example e-books for Electric Guitar, Bass, Drums and Classical Piano below to give you a flavour of the innovative technology you get access to with your e-book purchase!

Sample e-books




Classical Piano

How do I access the e-books?

All non-hardcopy purchases of available Rockschool and RSL Classical graded publications come with access to our e-book technology. You simply have to select your desired grade e-book product on the RSL Awards shop, complete your check out, and voila... you will be able to access the e-books via your RSL Awards account.



The Learning Platform E-books will be replacing the pre-existing Replay product. If you have previously purchased Replay, you will still have full access to the product which can be accessed as normal via MusicGurus. All existing Replay customers will have access to the equivalent Learning Platform E-book product at no extra cost.

For any further information, please visit our extensive Help Centre.