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RSL Learning Platform for Students

Whether you’re studying towards your next grade, adding repertoire to your set-list or finessing your technical ability, the RSL Learning Platform is the perfect interactive practise tool to help you master your instrument.

Learning Platform

The RSL Learning Platform. The ultimate practise tool!

This innovative app gives you complete access to every grade of all available Rockschool and RSL Classical graded materials from any internet connected device. This includes the full repertoire and backing tracks, along with all accompanying technical exercises ¬ and supporting tests.

Learning Platform
RSL Learning Platform Devices
Learning Platform Grade Books

Full Access to Grade Book Materials

The Learning Platform gives users complete access to a huge library of RSL Awards’ grade book materials. Performance pieces and their accompanying backing tracks, technical exercises, sight reading / improvisation, and supporting tests currently available include Debut – Grade 8 in almost all Rockschool and RSL Classical instruments.

Learning Platform Virtual Classroom

Interactive Score Player

The Learning Platform provides an enriched learning experience, giving you the ability to slow down and loop specific sections of your performance pieces. You will also be able to listen back to recordings of you playing along with pieces so you can evaluate your performances and have more fun with your practice.

Learning Platform Instant Practice Feedback

Beat Your High Score

MatchMySound’s state-of-the-art technology provides students with immediate automated feedback on assigned pieces and practice sessions. You will be given a score out of 100, measured against pitch, rhythm, and tempo, so you can see the success of your performances and highlight areas of improvement.

Use it with your teacher

You can use the Learning Platform with your teacher who can assign you tasks to monitor your progress outside of your set lesson time and provide feedback where necessary on completed tasks. The app also has integrated video conferencing software giving you the option to have your music lessons online. Speak to your teacher to find out if they’re already signed up!!

Face to Face Exams

Getting Started

The Learning Platform subscription provides access to all the materials in every grade book, including pieces, technical exercises, unseen tests, and audio, for various instruments such as Acoustic, Electric and Bass Guitar, Ukulele, Drums, Piano, Keys, Vocals, and Classical Violin. These resources can be accessed through the App, compatible with all tablets and phones, or the Webapp on Google Chrome.

  • Students can trial the Learning Platform free for 30 days before subscribing for £4.99 per month to continue access, or, if paid annually, just £3.99 per month! (Please note that the free 30 day period does not apply to subscriptions as the subscription is charged from the time of subscribing.) Student contracts are rolling contracts but may be cancelled by RSL at any time. Students may cancel at any time but will be billed to the end of the nearest month/year from the date of cancellation.

  • The RSL Learning Platform has been designed to work using Google Chrome on any personal computer as well as having bespoke apps for iOS and Android. The RSL Learning Platform will work on any size or configuration of smartphone/tablet device.

  • The Learning Platform is a tool for teachers working with students. Teachers need to have an active profile on our Teacher Registry so that subscribed students can connect to them. Students are subscribed and get connected to teachers via an account holder’s (parent) RSL account.

    Student accounts are given a PIN and password by the account holder which they then use to sign in to the Learning Platform securely from their device. When they sign in, they will use the account holder’s (parent) email and their own PIN and password. The account holder (parent) is able to reset the password if necessary.

    Students can be signed up for a Learning Platform subscription by following these steps presented in the “Key Information” guide.

Create your RSL Account

Access everything you need from your secure RSL Awards account. Get started today.

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Digital Files

For the RSL shop we’ve chosen the most widely used media for ease of use and flexibility when transferring across different devices.

Every complete digital book (e.g. Electric Guitar Grade 1) includes:

  • PDF sheet music
  • MP3 audio
  • Supporting tests

Download Limits

We know downloading digital content can be frustrating at times which is why we’ve given you multiple chances to download your audio and sheet music.

Each complete digital book purchased includes:

  • 5 audio downloads
  • 3 sheet music downloadsThis means if you misplace your content, or if your download times-out, you’ll still have plenty of attempts to download your content.

Purchase Options

1. Hard Copy

The hard copy or paperback version can be purchased from our shop for shipping to the UK. Orders for shipping to other countries can be placed via The paperback version includes everything you need for your exam in one essential book, including sheet music, a code for access to MP3 audio and complete supporting tests.

2. Digital Download (where applicable)

Digital downloads is the most popular way of purchasing and downloading a Rockschool book, track or supporting test. Rockschool digital book downloads come complete with PDF sheet music, MP3 audio and supporting tests for instant accessibility on all your favourite devices.

Note: Digital sheet music is stamped with your email address and order number.

3. Digital Download + E-Book Access

The RSL e-books, utilising Learning Platform technology powered by MatchMySound, are the ultimate practise tool, giving you the ability to master your instrument like never before.

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