RSL Awards launch the RSL Learning Platform – the app that will transform your music teaching!

RSL Awards has developed a brand new online platform for teachers to revolutionise the way they work. Powered by MatchMySound’s automatic feedback technology, the RSL Learning Platform allows teachers across the globe to assign tasks to their students, giving learners increased focus and more precise feedback.

On signing up to RSL’s free Teacher Registry, teachers gain access to the RSL Learning Platform which includes a wealth of scores for use in RSL Awards exam as well as an abundance of features designed to make teaching more effective. The RSL Learning Platform allows teachers to pinpoint exact areas where students can improve, creating a more cohesive and personalised experience for teacher and student alike.

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The Learning Platform gives teachers and subscribing students complete access to a huge library of RSL Awards’ grade book materials. Performance pieces and their accompanying backing tracks, technical exercises, sight reading / improvisation, and supporting tests currently available include Debut – Grade 8 in Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Drums, Piano and Ukulele.


The RSL Learning Platform is equipped with Zoom integration, meaning teachers can host 1-to-1 and group video lessons via the app and upload their content to provide students with examples, demonstrations, and tutorials ahead of live teaching. Teachers can create progress reports to clarify goals for students and communicate progress to parents, meaning peripatetic teachers, classroom teachers, and music education centres can all benefit in equal measure.

For students, the RSL Learning Platform enhances the creativity and curiosity that lies at the core of musical education. Personalised goals and exemplar recordings keep students motivated as they improve every time they open the app. Their practice sessions take on renewed focus with software that allows harder bars to be slowed and repeated until they are ready to play along with backing tracks.

Much has changed over the past few months, but the principles of teaching music remain constant. Technology will never replace a skilled teacher, yet it can do so much to aid the learning process for the students who are becoming the next generation of musicians.

Teachers can gain access to all of these fantastic benefits for free by simply creating a profile on RSL’s Teacher Registry, a service that helps teachers advertise their skills to students worldwide. The RSL Teacher Registry’s importance has grown even more in the past few months, and is so crucial with the ever-increasing demand for video lessons in place of, or to supplement, lessons in person.

Early 2021 will see RSL Awards expand the repertoire available through The RSL Learning Platform to include all graded instruments.

The RSL Learning Platform has been designed to work using Google Chrome on any personal computer as well as on bespoke apps for iOS and Android. The RSL Learning Platform will work on any size or configuration of smartphone / tablet device.





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