We've got a brand new challenge for you to get stuck into ahead of the holiday period! Read on to find out how you can get involved...

2020's been a very different year for so many reasons, but we'd love to end it by celebrating the most talented musicians we know - you!

We've created a free downloadable PDF of the Christmas classic 'Jingle Bells'. Record a video of you playing it using the hashtag #RSLJingleBellsChallenge, and you could get chosen to feature on our social media!

Jingle Bells PDF

Is it going to be too hard for me to learn?

Not at all! We've included a simplified melody in the treble clef with a few chords if you fancy accompanying yourself or getting someone to comp alongside you.

I'm an advanced musician - is that going to be a bit boring for me to play?

We've deliberately made the sheet music as accessible as possible to encourage musicians of all levels to get involved, but feel free to embellish, re-harmonise, and improvise as much as you wish! We're sure a tritone substitution would be a fun addition, and don't shy away from a few flat 9s if you're looking to make the harmony a bit richer.

Is this for any instrument?

Absolutely! Whatever you play, you can get involved.

Okay, I've recorded a video of me playing...what now?

Just upload the video to your social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok) and use the hashtag #RSLJingleBellsChallenge in the description. That way we'll be able to find it. Please make your post public if you have a private profile as otherwise we can't see it! If you're posting on Instagram, add your post to your story and tag us so we'll have a better chance of seeing it.

I'm not on social media. Can I still get involved?

Yes! Send your videos through to marketing@rslawards.com and we'll take a look that way. You can also send us your videos this way if you'd prefer to keep your social media accounts private.

Sounds good! Where do I start?

We're glad you asked! Hit the button below to get your free sheet music download and get started right now!

Jingle Bells PDF