It is with great joy and excitement that we can now announce our two newest RSL Honorary Fellows. Please give your warmest (virtual) welcome to Luke McGrellis and Crispin Parry!

That’s right, we’ve awarded two music industry giants with our RSL Honorary Fellowship, and we feel incredibly privileged to have them on board. Both have forged careers that many of us would dream of, so it’s a real treat to be able to acknowledge them in this way.

Without further ado, allow us to introduce them!

Luke McGrellis

Vice President of A&R at Universal Music Publishing Group – certainly a jaw-dropping job title for those interested in the music business world.

It would be a combination of DJing, record collecting and snare drum sounds that would eventually convince Luke that a career in the music industry was absolutely necessary. Finding a music qualification would be the best way to get closer to that life, so that’s exactly what he did. Luke wasn’t able to play an instrument back then, but the trusty MPC 3000 drum machine would serve him well throughout his studies!

Fast forward a few years and Luke has a CV that we’re sure his drum machine would be proud of! He got a job as a talent scout at Famous Music Publishing where he signed The Kooks(!), before moving over to Sony where he signed Ed Sheeran and co-signed Sam Smith. In 2015, he moved to the US where his successes continued to flourish, signing none other than Billie Eilish.

You will now understand why we are so thrilled to have Luke McGrellis as an RSL Fellow. He is truly a fantastic example of how a great music education, coupled with a bit of determination (and maybe a drum machine), can lead to an unbelievable career in the music business.

Crispin Parry

Crispin’s journey into music began when he picked up a pair of drumsticks at a school concert in rural Norfolk aged 9! The realisation that making noise was quite a lot of fun is ultimately what led Crispin to begin his music education in Commercial Music.

It was after gaining his music education that Crispin’s career went from strength to strength. An idea pitched to Future Publishing became BANG magazine (do we have any BANG readers amongst us?!), of which Crispin was the founding editor! In addition to this, he wrote for Q, Mojo and The Times.

With a list of fantastic jobs already under his belt, Crispin did not stop there, and went on to create British Underground, offering international opportunities to young UK talent, working for now-unstoppable artists like Stormzy and Yola!

We really are so grateful to be able to honour Crispin’s wonderful contribution to the music industry with an RSL Honorary Fellowship.

Words of Wisdom!

We had the pleasure to be able to sit down with Luke and Crispin to chat about what their music education meant for their future careers, and what an insightful conversation it was! Expect discussion on imposter syndrome, new possibilities and what it takes to be an international artist in 2021. This is certainly a MUST LISTEN for any budding soloists or bands who want to make waves in the music industry today. Click here to watch!

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