Matt Prime: sensational songwriter, proficient producer and, that’s right, RSL FELLOW! We are delighted to have him on board.

Career Champion!

It would be fair to say that Matt has built a career that so many of us aspire to, and with beginnings rooted in popular music education, we’re so excited to see the progression that Matt has achieved over the years. The opportunity to recognise his achievements by awarding Matt an RSL Honorary Fellowship was one that we just could not pass up, so, please join us in congratulating him today!

As we all know, the music industry has changed very quickly over the past decades. With the introduction of streaming and monthly subscriptions, music-making on the phones in our pockets, and playlisters essentially becoming the new radio DJs, the songwriters and producers of the world have had a lot of changes to contend with! Despite this, Matt’s discography presents the most incredible line up of collaborations, featuring artists like Kylie Minogue, Trey Songz, Sam Smith, Cee-Lo Green and Jason Derulo to name only a few – a truly wonderful CV!

Top Tips

We had the pleasure of sitting down (virtually!) with Matt where we discussed the new ways in which songwriters can get into writing sessions with artists, how to prepare for such a session, and what sort of qualities you will find in artists who are likely to go on to incredibly successful careers. We talked about how his music education turned his relatively small internal music bank into an extensive knowledge of genres which helped him to adapt to any situation when working in the industry. It really is a must watch if you’re an aspiring songwriter, producer, or artist for that matter!

Our favourite tip from Matt is to always be over-prepared. As a songwriter, have a million different melodies, hooks and lyrics up your sleeve, so that whatever situation is presented to you, you will have something brilliant to offer. Pretty sound advice if you ask us!

We are so thrilled to have Matt Prime as a member of the RSL Fellowship. Do make sure you check out the interview, and of course, Matt’s work on his website!

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