Looking for a whistle stop tour round an iconic jazz tune from our newly released RSL Classical Piano syllabus? Look no further!

You've come to the right place for a video walkthrough of ‘Jazz Exercise No. 2’ by Canadian jazz pianist and all-round musical legend, Oscar Peterson.

This piece can be found in our grade 6 Classical Piano book and is a fun but challenging piece that highlights Oscar Peterson’s status as an outstanding technical player.

Who was Oscar Peterson?

Oscar Peterson, known simply as ‘O.P.’ to his friends and fellow musicians, was a virtuoso in the industry. Throughout his career he shared the stage with the likes of Duke Ellington and was often described as “the king of inside swing”. His career lasted more than 60 years, during which he performed at thousands of concerts and released more than 200 records. Not only a performer and recording artist, Peterson also wrote more than 300 original jazz compositions, many of which are now commonly used in music education, including this piece.

Now that we’ve learnt a little bit about the man behind the music, let’s take a look at the music itself in this video tutorial. Have a watch, and by the end you'll be swinging like Oscar in no time!

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