We’re back with another instalment of the RSL Centre Spotlight series, where we interview one of our wonderful exam centres. This week we’re joined by the family-run business that is Jenca Music School!

Based in St. Helier, Jersey, Jenca Music School have been delivering RSL exams for almost 20 years – wow! We couldn’t wait to sit down and catch up about where it all began, how it’s going, and of course, what we can expect to see from them in the future.

Without further ado, please give your warmest virtual welcome to Jenca Music School…

So, give us a quick introduction to Jenca Music School. Where did it all begin?!

Jenca Music School is a family run business established in 2001 in Jersey in the Channel Islands. Jenca is an acronym of one our daughter's name Josephine Elizabeth Nicole Cast who was born in 2001.

We had no idea that’s where the name Jenca came from! Can you tell us what your set up is like?

We have a team of brilliant tutors specialising in contemporary music styles including guitar, bass, drums, piano, vocals and music production. Our studios have purpose-built rooms for teaching and we also have a sound-proofed rehearsal and recording studio with full music production facilities.

How did you make the transition to online learning throughout the pandemic?

We embraced the idea of online teaching largely due to the pandemic forcing us into lockdown. This was successful in as much as it worked well for us as a way of teaching and conveying information. However not all of our students wanted this format for lessons and preferred face to face lessons. Since the school has opened up again we are offering online lessons to anyone who wants them and now we are starting to explore options for lessons beyond our immediate marketplace in Jersey.

That’s really cool! Sounds like you’re finding the perfect balance with online and face to face learning. How did you and your students find the RSL digital exams?

Online RSL digital exams have been successful for us and once we have the audio and visual coordination they run smoothly. We are happy to offer either virtual online exams or live in the studio with an examiner for our students.

Tell us something you’re excited about! Are there any projects in the pipeline?

Now that the restrictions are lifting and life resumes as before we are planning some major events at Jenca over the next 18 months - 2 years. Music production courses are starting to develop with our in-house tutors which will lead to further RSL exam opportunities. Band workshops and song writing and recording for students. Music theory classes. Live events will be scheduled again so a chance for us to showcase our students for performing in public. Specialist workshops with music industry representatives.

And finally, what does the future look like for Jenca Music School?

Jenca Music School is currently working with a specialist in website revamping and promotional marketing strategies. We will be working with our team of teachers and campaigning to build and develop our branding to a wider audience. Having RSL as an examination centre helps with this branding and strengthens our position in the market.

As always, we are the biggest cheerleaders for our exam centres and love to see them achieving great things, so it has been a pleasure to learn a little bit more about Jenca Music School this week. Do head over to their website if you want to know more about this fantastic school!

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