If you’ve been here since the pandemic began, you’ll have seen us talking about our recorded digital exams at some point, there’s no doubt! We have loved seeing this new exam solution spread all across the world, and we couldn’t be prouder for how it’s changed up the examination game.

We wanted to chat to some of our centres to find out how the last year has been for them, and first up, we spoke to the wonderful Jelia Heru, Indonesia. They’ve really thrown themselves into the digital world, and we are loving it!

So, without further ado, here’s our chat with Jelia Heru.

What was your experience of using Rockschool’s digital exams?

Rockschool’s digital exam is a unique breakthrough. The digitalization of exams solved all our problems due to the deadlock caused by COVID-19. RSL is the first music examination board that launched the digital exam. For the first time in the world, music exams are not held as face-to-face. There are many options in RSL, such as video exams and live streaming. RSL is also very versatile, it has performance certificate and graded exam. The repertoires are varies, from Contemporary, Classical, until free choice pieces. It’s modern and up-to-date. The best part is the examiner comment’s positive feedback. It motivates the student to practice and moving forward.

I have many unique experiences with this digital exam. Starting with preparation of students to adapt to a new system, recording video and a lot of other challenging experiences. Submitting the video exam requires a good internet speed. Honestly, I'm really proud because I became a part of music exam revolution.

Check out this awesome video of Nicholas Patrick Wiranata playing "Schindler's List Theme" by John Williams, arranged for RSL Classical Piano Grade 7.

How did you or your students feel about taking the exam from home? If you didn’t take it from home, where did you take it from?

Usually I often take the video recordings in my private piano studio. Sometimes there are students who do the video recording from home. What really matters is not where the video was recorded, but the atmosphere. Students must feel comfortable, without pressure but also have a figure who can help if there is a technical problem during video recording. If the students and their parents feel more comfortable at home then why not? The teacher could accompany them during the video recording session.

How did you find the process of recording video on your specific instrument? Do you have any tips for other students using the same instrument?

I have a lot of experience with video and sound recording. Before the pandemic I held concerts for my students regularly which involves proper video and sound recording. It must be remembered that this is a video recording for exam purposes, not a commercial video. So, it's enough if you can get a proper picture and the piano sound as natural as possible without disturbance from outside noises. You need a good angle that displays all the keys, fingers and the facial expression of the candidate. Don’t forget to use tripod and some good lighting.

Would you recommend a Rockschool digital exam to a friend?

Absolutely. Right now, this is the best solution and the future. It’s fast, convenient, comfortable, and reliable.

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