Welcome to the RSL Centre Spotlight with... Griffin College London!

We're proud to work with some of the most innovative organisations across the Creative Industries, providing access to regulated qualifications. Over the last few years, we have been working closely with Griffin College London so their learners studying Indian Classical Dance or Indian Carnatic Music are able to receive the same recognition as those studying the equivalent Western Creative Industries qualifications.

We spoke to Dr Padma Rahulan, Founder / Chief Executive Officer at Griffin College London, to tell us more about the fantastic array of qualifications and exams they offer... read on!

Can you give us a quick introduction to Griffin College London?

Griffin College London, International Examination Board was established to support and promote Indian fine arts subjects to local communities. We also invite others to experience and value the Indian fine arts.

Our vision is to obtain the recognition for Indian Performing Arts Qualifications similar to the Western performing arts qualifications to support students to gain credits towards their university progression. GCL have designed and developed Syllabuses and Specifications for 20 Qualifications on Indian Classical Dance and Indian Carnatic Music.

We have worked tirelessly towards our milestone of acheiving accreditation for the Classical Indian Performing arts qualification’s similar to Western Performing Arts qualification, which carries the same weightage and points for the students towards their university progression.

  1. From 2019 we have been working closely with RSL Awards to offer accredited certificates in sixteen (16) fine arts subjects, with students being recognised by worldwide leading universities and other institutions.
  2. Griffin college also offer Tamil language studies & Exams, offering internationally recognised certificates from January 2022.
  3. Griffin College also conduct Advance level courses, Vocational courses & is a leading centre for UK exams.
  4. Griffin college is the only international examination board to conduct graded exams in Tamil Language & Indian Fine arts subjects.

Tell us a bit about the courses you offer that RSL quality assure?

RSL Awards ensure Griffin College London conducts exams and teacher training to an international standard, whilst auditing quality of the practical exam markings and other regulatory compliances to make sure Griffin college maintain and offer high standard practice.

Griffin college offers sixteen fine arts subjects: Carnatic Vocal, Bharatanatyam, Violin, Veena, Keyboard, Flute, Saxophone, Nadaswaram, Guitar, Kanjeera, Mirudangam, Tabla, Morsing, Ghatam, Thavil.

These exam certificates undergo RSL Awards' rigorous set of regulatory procedures where students are eligible to claim UCAS Points towards major UK Universities.

How have you had to adapt due to the pandemic with delivery of your courses?

Our journey has not been easy, as we face with an unknown virus. Most of our students receive one to one lessons or group lessons and need to re-adjust to Virtual classes. Many beginners found it very difficult to learn or grasp specific techniques through virtual learning, this also applies to teachers too.

But with more engagement through mainstream education and practice, they were able to come with the terms and we have successfully conducted digital exams in December 2021 and January 2022. We are also working on technical support and a newly improved mobile app to overcome these issues.

What’s been your experience of working with RSL so far?

RSL Award is a vibrant company to work with and they are expanding day-by-day, not only UK, but globally, with over 63 countries. On the back of RSL's global strength, Griffin college has been able to reach out to various parts of the world and both of our brands are being embraced by wider audiences.

We'd like to extend a huge thanks to Dr Padma Rahulan for taking the time to create this article. Click here to find out more about Griffin College London, or, click here to learn more about becoming an RSL Quality Assurance Partner Organisation.