RSL Awards is delighted to partner with Digit Music in the delivery of their contemporary music and music production CPD programmes!

At the next online event on 14th July, which is CPD certified, learn how to build your confidence bringing contemporary music styles and some DIY producer skills into your classroom practice.

Many young people are making music at home but are not connecting their passion for music to curriculum learning and gaining music qualifications.

In this session the teams will be giving top tips from industry and education professionals, classroom activities and free professional audio samples to boost your confidence exploring Drill Music and Digital Audio workstations in the classroom with your students.


You’ll hear from Tony Nwachukwu, Music Producer, DJ, lecturer and founder of CDR (Create Define, Release) whose work supports emerging artists and producers. Tony’s groundbreaking programme extends to working in schools where his team run MPC (Music Producer Clubs). He’ll be giving an overview of the programme and some takeaway tips to engage your students.

Digit Music will be giving you the building blocks to explore Drill in your classroom sessions. Attendees will receive a set of free, professional samples from Digit Music's label and a classroom activity to get your students sounding incredible, fast! If you’re not confident working with Digital Audio workstation (DAW’s) the team will be introducing some free examples and even giving you a pre-prepared project to work with.

RSL Awards will provide an introduction to the Rockschool Music Production syllabus. Designed to prepare and develop candidates for the creative industries, Rockschool Music Production develops both the technical and musical skills required for the studio and live environment. Attendees will be given an overview of the syllabus, exams process and how it can be used alongside Digit Music technology to support the aims of the National Plan for Music Education.

The session will wrap up with a Q&A session and update from Digit Music’s programme.

All levels are welcome and no experience is required.

Suitable for KS2-5 Music teachers. At the end of this session you will have:

  • gained teaching strategies for engaging your students in peer to peer feedback, constructive criticism, listening skills and musical vocabulary
  • been provided with ideas and examples of how to explore and share contemporary music in your classroom setting
  • explored music technology platforms and hardware that can be used in your teaching practice
  • learned about apps and DAW'S to support composing with Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs)
  • explored the genre of Drill, and learnt how to build loops and samples together in a DAW
  • been provided with an overview of the Rockschool Music Production syllabus and associated exams process, and how these can be used alongside Digit Music technology to support the aims of the National Plan for Music Education


This event is CPD certified.

CPD Certified