We’re delighted to announce an exciting new partnership between RSL Awards’ Teach Today programme and Talent Match, BIMM Institute’s job matching service that sources talent for the creative industries.

Teach Today aims to equip graduates with the practical tools needed to start their music teaching career. This new partnership is part of RSL Awards and BIMM's commitment to developing every student’s talent and employability.

What to expect from Teach Today

Teach Today offers an excellent pathway to teaching for current students and BIMM alumni, providing access to a wide range of free resources designed to support professional musicians and aspiring teachers. It also means active users can become part of a network of over 2,000 international teachers.

The Teach Today resources include:

  • Digital copies of available RSL Awards grade books*
  • A BIMM-branded profile on the international teacher registry
  • Guidance on teaching and schemes of work*
  • Access to RSL Awards’ Learning Platform App
  • Discounts to professional development qualifications
*currently available across Rockschool Electric Guitar, Ukulele, Drums, Piano, Vocals, Music Production.

Final year BIMM students and alumni can join as a BIMM affiliate on RSL Awards' Teach Today platform from the 1st June 2021 and navigate a genuinely satisfying career path, knowing that they’ve made a difference in many lives along the way. Teaching offers you a creative, flexible revenue stream as part of a portfolio career. It is a popular choice for BIMM graduates who pursue our MA in Learning and Teaching in the Creative Industries whilst developing their own teaching practice.

RSL Awards will provide you with exclusive support for starting a career in teaching through an annual teaching and learning workshop. You’ll also become part of the BIMM Talent Match pool, meaning BIMM can put potential teaching employers in touch with you for paid work.

As a teacher, you’ll interact with students and the communities they represent, meeting people from a wide variety of different backgrounds, cultures and orientations. You’ll gain a greater understanding of your own surroundings and wider society as a whole – all whilst growing as an influential member of your creative community.

“We are delighted to extend RSL Awards’ Teach Today programme with BIMM Talent Match, building upon our long standing relationship with BIMM Institute. We believe coupling high quality teaching resources with musical excellence is key to securing the future provision of world class music education. That’s why we’re so excited to see how all BIMM graduates will embrace music teaching as part of their portfolio career.” Suzanne Harlow, CEO RSL Awards.

What to expect from BIMM Talent Match

Talent Match is the first graduate job matching service of its kind and is exclusive to BIMM. Once final year students and graduates are added to the Teach Today platform, they will be invited to take part in our Teaching Pathway, where BIMM will introduce work experience and shadowing programmes, teaching opportunities and advice and support on self-employment, insurance, DBS, developing online teaching skills and developing a client base through marketing and promotion.


About RSL Awards Graded Music Exams

RSL Awards are one of the leading awarding bodies for qualifications in music and the creative industries, with a dedicated community of music teachers in over 45 countries. They provide high-quality qualifications and examination experiences for teachers and students alike, whilst also giving teachers across the globe the opportunity to achieve formal recognition for their teaching standards.

Teachers using RSL Awards products offer the most professional services to their students with graded exam materials that have a proven track record of keeping students engaged with their instruments. RSL Awards have developed graded music syllabuses in Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals, Piano, Classical Piano, Keyboards, Ukulele, Popular Music Theory and the world's first Music Production syllabus. Their Graded Music qualifications are recognised and regulated at the highest level by Ofqual, SFA, CCEA, Qualifications Wales and the Department for Education, with all successful level 3 (Grades 6–8) exams being awarded UCAS points, bolstering university applications.

If you are interested in accessing free, high quality teaching resources, learn more about RSL Awards' Teach Today programme here...