This week RSL’s Jono Harrison and Dan Francis will be attending the music conference on the 12th March 2018 at the Augustana Centre, London.

The Curriculum Music Conference is a blend of programme debates, seminars, workshops and practical sessions, bringing together some of the UK’s most inspirational and innovative people in the music education sector, from a vast array of roles, including:music advisors, primary music coordinators, instrumental teachers, music education academics and many more.

This is a great opportunity to bring music education professionals together, enabling them to share their experiences and gain knowledge on the latest developments within the sector.

With this in mind, the RSL team will be conducting a session on: “Graded Music Exams in Music Production”. Music Production has grown rapidly in popularity within music education in recent  years, leading RSL to develop the world’s first Music Production graded exam syllabus in 2016. Events like the CMC present up with an opportunity  to share ideas with other in the music ed community in order to learn from their ownthoughts and experiences; which provide vital contributions to future concerns and developments.

Jono Harrison, RSL’s Syllabus Manager, will be giving an overview of the new graded Music Production exams: their academic relevance in the industry, the structure and content of the syllabus and giving insight into the theoretical, technical and practical requirements across all levels.

Dan Francis, RSL’s Strategy Manager, will also be in attendance to discuss the Music Production exam process, the overall benefits of the qualification, and the skill-sets needed for a modern-day producer to succeed in real-world environments.

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