With another year (almost) added to the RSL history books, the month of December presents an opportunity for us to think back on all of the things we, and our partners – both domestically and abroad – have achieved together supporting contemporary arts education worldwide.


A new year often means new recruits her at RSL HQ! Before we break down all the wonderful things that have happened over the last 12 months, we're going to take a moment to introduce all of the staff members that joined the team in 2019.

Name: Johan Droskie
Title: Head of IT

Artists: Queen, Simon and Garfunkel, Linkin Park

Bio: Previously Director of R&D at HoistGroup Development, Johan was responsible for the development life cycle of HotSoft, a Hotel Property Management Software used in 2000 hotels and various other sets of software related to hotel management. With more than 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry, he has also worked with Point of Sale systems, Private Medical care, Insurance and hardware automation.

Name: Ray Matthews

Title: Technical Analyst

Artists: Earth Wind & Fire, Pat Metheny Group & Brian Eno

Bio: Ray has been working within the IT sector for nearly 20 years with experience in both the educational and private sectors. Previous to starting a career in IT he was a musician, producer and studio engineer, working on many different and varied projects in the jazz, pop, classical & world music genres. He has also released two albums of ambient music on iTunes & Google Play under the name of Nominal Silence.

Name: Sam Coade

Title: Marketing Executive

Artists: Noname, FKJ, Land of Rubber Men

Bio: Recently dubbed 2019’s “most promising young influencer” by GQ, Sam is pleased to have joined RSL’s marketing team towards the end of this year, if only to distract him from the chaos unfurling under the Kroenke regime over in North London. Sam cannot wait for 2020 and the chance for a third crack at the Europa League knockout stages as Matteo Guendouzi continues to blossom. He also dabbles in jazz, playing the sax and piano in funk-salsa-rave ‘90s covers band Nipples of Venus, who have been tipped for next year’s Mercury Prize at the time of writing. #welcomeArteta

Name: Laura Hall

Title: Examiner Panel Coordinator

Artists: Muse, Stevie Wonder, The 1975

Bio: Laura coordinates the recruitment, training and standardisation of our examiners. She studied a BA and MA in Music at Oxford Brookes. She plays the flute mostly – you can find her on Spotify somewhere. She will be starting drum lessons with fellow new starter Tom Moore soon! Before coming to RSL Laura worked in admin and marketing at ABRSM. She also likes cats.

Name: Alice Slaven

Title: Vocational Qualifications Officer

Artists: Tom Petty, Leonard Cohen, Mark Knopfler

Bio: With an international background, having lived in 6 countries and territories across 4 continents, Alice has built a career in the education sector both in the UK and internationally. This has given experience as a school administrator and international student advisor in higher education, as well as organising events for international HE professionals. With a lifelong love of music, Alice has enjoyed sound editing and mixing for a number of years, and collects vintage audio equipment.

Name: Alex Wilson

Title: Exams Officer

Artists: Kit Downes, Esperanza Spalding, Buena Vista Social Club

Bio: Exams Officer Alex Wilson recently graduated from Oxford University with a degree in music and is widely engaged as a pianist and musician. In recent years, Alex has performed at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club, La Petite Halle, Paris, and at the London Jazz Festival with his own group. Away from jazz, Alex has participated in masterclasses with Yo Yo Ma and the Villiers Quartet along with other classical performances. Lately, Alex has enjoyed writing the music for a production at the Tristan Bates Theatre in December and teaching several piano pupils in his free time.

Name: Liam Jackson

Title: Senior Graphic Designer

Artists: The Prodigy, Aphex Twin, Cypress Hill

Bio: Liam’s Graphic Design career has seen him previously work in-house, agency side and freelance with clients and experience including NHS, Sainsbury’s, Canon, Argos, M&C Saatchi, Fabric, V Recordings and more. With a passion for music, music production and dj-ing alongside design he is happy that he is able to mix his love for both design and music through his role at RSL.

Name: Tom Moore

Title: Administrator

Artists: Nipples of Venus, Belle MT and Caroline Ross (Harpist)

Bio: I’ve been playing drums, recording, touring and teaching for almost 2 decades - this has incredibly opened up many doors for me within the industry; one most notable was meeting my fellow 2019 starter Sam_Coade_Official (v) and together becoming the founders of the esteemed Tall Person’s Club. It’s with this establishment that has lead us to being featured in such favourable publications as Tall Magazine, 7 Feet and Beyond and Handsome Weekly.

Name: Nathalie Gouverneur

Title: Director of Marketing and Communications

Artists: "Favourite artist? Too many to mention! But high-level I would have to say Madonna, (that is until I saw her performance at the recent Eurovision Song Contest...). I admire her more as a brand: I think she has been an undeniable genius, having a chameleon-like ability to re-invent herself ahead of any prevailing cultural wind, whilst remaining true to her brand attributes over the last 3 decades.”

Name: Fern-Chantele Carter

Title: Head of Compliance and Responsible Officer

Artists: David Bowie, The Beatles, The B Sharps

Bio: Fern joins RSL as Head of Compliance and Repsonsible Officer in September this year. She is an experienced Head with a history of working in the staffing and recruiting industry in a number of different roles based around South West London. She is enjoying the experience of working in such an exciting and creative company, and looks forward to the opportunities 2020 will bring!


Operating out of more than 45 countries now means that our international team have been busier than ever!

There have been too many trips to mention them all, but we'd like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our international teams, reps, teachers and hardworking members from every RSL network around the world! Here's a few stories from the team:

Helena Pieroulli, International Business Development Manager

RSL in Brazil! Helena in Rio

"As always, Brazil is a highlight for me. This year I had the opportunity of visiting new towns and cities and spent some time with our new representative Laurindo and our new partner Rafael from In Concert. Driving over 1000km from Rio de Janeiro to Blumenau was a specific highlight for me as I got to see some amazing views of Brazil. Aside from that, I always enjoy my time in Portugal, Cyprus, Greece and Italy which feels like a home away from home. Many thanks to our hard-w orking reps who always do a fantastic job. See you in 2020!"

Tim Bennett-Hart, Director of Academic

RSL China: Tim with reps from around the country at the RSL China Reps Conference

"It was a great pleasure to speak at the China Reps conference in X'ian in May and to hold a 2 day training session on teaching contemporary music. Thanks to Lillian and the whole team in China for such an enjoyable trip and to opening my eyes to musical learning in China. Over the week I met with over 200 colleagues who all used and enjoy the Rockschool Material."

Bonjourno! Tim speaks to teachers in Italy

"In October I delivered three seminars in Milan, Rome and Naples for music teachers with our country reps Luca (North and Central) and Adriano and Genni (South). It was a great privilege to understand the similarities and differences between teaching in Italy and the UK. Over the week I met with over 120 engaging teachers who work in contemporary music."

Henriette Madsen, International Business Development Manager

RSL India: Henri during her visit to Vatsal School of Music, conducting their first ever exams!

"This year has been our second full year of operating our Indian subsidiary company in Delhi and much of my focus was once again on making sure we did everything we could to share the RSL word across India. This meant no less than 4 trips by the RSL UK team to India this year of which I did two. It was as always such a pleasure to meet with all of the passionate and dedicated teachers and students across India and I managed to get to no less than 12 cities: Delhi, Lucknow, Guwahati, Darjeeling, Raipur, Bhilai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Bhubaneshwar, Dimapur, Ranchi and Shillong. Not to mention a stop in Kathmandu, Nepal where we did our first exams through our Indian business this year."

RSL in Germany: Matthias (Director of Operations) talks in Rellingen, Germany

"As a team we also found time for a few European visits and I particularly enjoyed spending time with the Yamaha Europe team as well as all of the German Yamaha Music School owners in Rellingen, Germany last month. When 2020 kicks off, I will be straight off to Prague to meet with new centres there followed by visits to our new representatives in Poland, Bulgaria and Hungary. I would like to say a big thank you to all of our business partners, representatives and teachers for making 2019 so exceptional. I can’t wait for 2020 to be an even bigger success!"

Conor Burns, International Business Development Manager

RSL Asia: Conor has travelled extensively around the region this year

"It’s been a highly exciting year of travel for me, starting with a tour of the Philippines to launch our new partnership with Magnus Creative Music, covering six cities and roughly 1500 miles. I even got to eat some Filipino delicacies that were certainly eye opening! In September, along with the wonderful RS Center team in Singapore we launched the Piano Method books. From there Rockie Siew and I spoke with International Schools in Malaysia and Brunei about our world class VQ courses before I flew onto to Hong Kong to meet RSL’s fantastic new Representatives Kelly Chan and Anson Tang. I was also spoilt rotten with Frank Lee treating me to a prime rib dinner at the famous Hugo’s restaurant!"

Thanks to Rockie! Conor (far left) and Rockie (right) have worked intimately throughout 2019

"You may notice that my year in review, much like myself, is heavily food focussed but I would like to end with a special recognition of one of RSL’s most highly respected and experienced International Representatives, Rockie Siew. Rockie has celebrated a milestone birthday recently and has been working for RSL while I was still in nappies! Happy Birthday Rockie and thank you for your tireless hard work and for making RSL the success it is today in Malaysia, Brunei and beyond."


Below you’ll find a month-by-month breakdown featuring some of our favourite highlights from over the last 12 months. From studio sessions and brand-new books to insightful interviews and international events – here is 2019’s Year in Review!


The Abbey Roads Studios Sessions

We love nothing more than when we get to include our tutors and their students in one of our projects. In this instance, we were fortunate to include both!

In December 2018 we announced that one lucky competition winner had the chance to tour the world-famous Abbey Road Studios AND take part in an RSL recording sessions based on our latest piano arrangement of John Lennon’s iconic track ‘Imagine’.

Proud day: Piano teach, Adam, points to Charlie's parents in the booth above

Our winner was 9-year-old Charlie Connell from Essex, who was joined by his piano teacher, Adam Moore and his parents for the day. Charlie was an absolute star! So much so, that Charlie’s performance actually featured on the official Rockschool Piano 2019 syllabus!

Looking on: Charlie's parents look on as their son plays the piano in Abbey Road Studios

“It was a fantastic prize and to be surrounded by all that history was an overwhelming experience!” Doug Connell (Charlie’s father)

All in the family: Charlie is embraced by mum and dad after his part is recorded


Rockschool Piano and Keys (2019 Edition)

OUT NOW! The Piano and Keys trailer features professional pianist Rob Stanley

In February, RSL completely overhauled its combined Piano & Keys offering from 2016 to provide a contemporary upgrade for today’s musician, with two separate editions for each instrument.

For each grade we included we included our most varied collection of specifically arranged tracks from both contemporary (Ariana Grande, Pharrell Williams, Chvrches) and classic (Ray Charles, Herbie Hancock, Aretha Franklin) artists from over the past seven decades. Each collection also contains compositions from iconic films and musicals, such as: Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Pirates of the Caribbean, E.T. and Schindler’s List, which we feel is an important genre of instrument-specific music, perfectly suited for both editions.

Whilst the piano release was engineered to educate the modern pianist, and validate the instrument as an essential tool for the ever-evolving world of popular music; the Keys collection was focused on providing keyboard-specific arrangements, that utilise varied levels of sound manipulation, patch switching, layers and splits. We hope both syllabuses serve to complement each other in their desire to take each style of piano as a important, expressive instrument in their own right.


In-Tune Video Series

We felt it was important RSL celebrated 'International Women’s Day' with the rest of the world on the 8th March this year. With many wonderful women working in music education, arts charity and the music industry, we decided to release our first long-form interview with female figures that could inspire the next generation of young performers. For episode 1, we talked to Estella Adeyeri: bassist of black, female, punk trio, Big Joanie.

Big Talk: Estella talked creative influences, Girls Rock London, the #MeToo movement

The aim of the interview was to kick-start a conversation around the topic of ‘women in the music industry’, and openly discuss a variety of issues surrounding music, in both education and the commercial world.

If you’d like to watch the interview in-full (2 parts) click here >>

Big Talk II: Nadia talked creative influences, school bullying, the pros and cons of self-releasing

For episode 2, we caught up with the passionate, pop-punk front-woman, Nadia Javed: guitarist/lead vocals for The Tuts. We talked creative influences, school bullying, the pros and cons of self-releasing, cultural heritage, performance anxiety, advice for the next generation of female artists, and much more!

For Nadia's fun-filled two-part interview just click here >>

We absolutely loved catching up with both of these inspiring, young, figures (thank you both!) and we looked forward to adding more faces to the series next year!


1, 2, 3, 4: Count-Ins!

Now, this is, of course, not the only thing that happened this April; but we thought it important to include, and here's why! After listening to feedback on our latest Guitar, Bass and Drums syllabuses, we decided to update the count-ins for each of the 162 performance pieces in each of the grade books. We tried something new in 2018 – with good intention – but only after theses audio packages reach our audiences did we find out that the original method was ideal and didn’t need changing. If it ain’t broke, right?

Rockschool Electric Guitar: Click on the books above to visit the RSL Store to re-download your audio

With this proverb in mind, we decided to revert all of Guitar, Bass and Drum count-ins back to the original style with all future releases doing the same.

Rockschool Bass Guitar: Click on the books above to visit the RSL Store to re-download your audio

For those of you who still have older versions that you would like updated, you can now download the latest files by logging into your Rockschool account and re-using the same download links as before. It’s as simple as that!

Rockschool Drums: Click on the books above to visit the RSL Store to re-download your audio


Vocational Qualifications 2019

May is not only the start of our summer exam period – the busiest time of the year for us here at RSL UK – but it is also the month where 5400+ learners from the 240+ schools and colleges across the UK will all be receiving their RSL VQ results.

Whether a centre delivers Music Performance, Live Sound, Composition & Production, Music Business, Musical Theatre or Acting & Dance Performance (for example) it is our pleasure to have the opportunity to assess such an overwhelming variety of work from so many ambitious, talented learners, looking to make their mark in their chosen creative fields.

Kidderminster College: Hannah and Imogen sit down to talk about their goals in the summer

To the thousands of learners that achieved the results that they wanted – well done and congratulations! We know how much goes into these courses and it’s great that all of their efforts have been rewarded. Unfortunately, there will also be other learners who will not have achieved the grades they wanted. The first thing to remember here is: this is not the end, and we’re always here to help! These results do not have to affect any learners’ future goals, and we’re always onboard to get people back on track!

Mas Records: Jack and Olly talk through their experience on the Mas Records Artist Development course

Next year, we’ll be releasing our first video series that aims to give you an insight into the world of RSL Vocational Qualifications, starting off with the wonderful project run out of Kidderminster College – including an on-site record company, Mas Records! Keep your eyes peeled in 2020 for updates.

Coming Soon! A new series focusing on the wonderful work VQ centres do starts with Kidderminster College in 2020

Thank you to everyone working to provide the best education possible for these learners. Here’s to an even better year in 2020!


New RSL Honorary Fellowships!

RSL was honoured to present an Honorary Fellowship to multiple Grammy award winning pioneers: Billy Cobham and Randy Brecker, to a packed-house at the legendary Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club this June.

A fellowship of RSL is currently the highest honour that RSL can bestow. Fellowships are presented to acknowledge practitioners who have contributed to the development of their art form and inspired the students of RSL qualifications to achieve their best, whilst promoting good practice within the music education sector itself.

Billy Cobham: The innovative drummer receives his award from RSL's John Simpson (CEO) and Norton York (Founder)

A huge fan of both influential artists, our CEO, John Simpson, was in attendance to present the fellowships in person, stating: “To be able to welcome not one, but two incredibly influential musical figures into the RSL family is very exciting. To do so in front of a packed house at the legendary Ronnie Scott’s - incredible! Huge thanks to both Billy and Randy for making it an evening to remember, and for continuing to inspire the next generation of musicians around the world.

Randy Brecker: John and Norton at the legendary Ronnie Scott's with the legendary, jazz-man

We look forward to adding more inspirational, influential figures to the list of RSL Honorary Fellows – from both the music and education worlds – next year.

Until then, thank you to all everyone who continues to improve the lives of young artists and musicians in alignment with the RSL network.

RSL Spain: Records Breakers!

When we received news from our Spanish team about Crazy Drummers Day, we just had to get involved. The event was held in Quintanar de la Orden, (Toledo, Spain) with only goal in mind: beating the Guinness World Record for the ‘Biggest Battery Crescendo’.

All the participating drummers, many of them from Rockschool centres all over Spain, played the Rockschool track ‘Munky Fusic’ during the attempt – a classic from our Drums Grade 1 material. How did they do? Of course, they broke the record! A massive felicidades to all participants and to everyone that helped to make the event such a success!

You can watch the video below!

If you’d like to read one of our recent features on one the venues currently in the RSL Spain, click on the image below to read about how lead guitar teacher and owner of Rock School Coruña, Miguel Thomas Marfany, has used Rockschool materials to teach one-on-one and group lessons to hundreds of students across the Galician region.

Rockschool Stories: This instalment focuses on one of our favourite Spanish music schools


RSL Presents: Replay!

July saw RSL continue to develop resources that empower teachers and students alike, with a brand-interactive sheet music player in partnership with Music Gurus.

Replay is an interactive sheet music player that syncs notes with an audio backing track. While you're playing along, you can adjust tempos, loop bars and switch between backing and performance tracks, making it a perfect addition to any Rockschool practise session. For those of you who remember the initial launch back in July, you’ll know that it included all Rockschool performance material for drums, guitar and piano. But in case you didn’t already know, all Rockschool Acoustic Guitar and Rockschool Keys fans can now take advantage of Replay since each performance element was added to the platform this November!

Replay: We caught up with drummer, Andy Franklin, to see how Replay helps him and his students make the most of their lessons

Replay is powered by Rockschool’s digital partner, Music Gurus, who have been making flipped-classroom video content with professional musicians and educators utilising Rockschool’s material since 2017. When you purchase a Replay product directly from RSL, you will automatically be given a link to access the product, which is hosted on the Music Gurus website. Login details will remain the same for customers who have already been taking advantage of Music Gurus Rockschool video lessons, whilst customers making their first Music Gurus purchase will automatically have their account details created when purchasing their Replay products.

“Since 2017, Music Gurus and RSL have sought to innovative the music education sector together. Now delivering online-exams in over 20 countries globally, an interactive sheet music tool to support quality student practice via the Rockschool range is something we’re both really excited to introduce for 2019.” Tom Rogers, Co-Founder (Music Gurus)


Teacher Registry Revamp

August saw the RSL Teacher Registry receive a big update, helping more music teachers reach potential students than ever before – not just in the UK, but all over the world!

To celebrate RSL's Teacher Registry refresh, we also asked our customer to nominate their favourite music teacher to appear on our social channels. For our first round of #FeatureMyTeacher, our most popular Rockschool tutors were drummer-tutor, Matt Furness, Rebecca Tunnicliffe (RJ Music Tuition) and Anuj Lewis from Macky's Guitar Classes.

#FeatureMyTeacher: The campaign asked students to nominate their favourite music teachers on the RSL Teacher Registry

It was really inspiring to see how their lessons have helped to motivate and instil confidence in their students and we plan to feature many more of our wonderful registered music teachers throughout 2020.

If you would like to sign up to RSL's Teacher Registry, simply click on the image below for details!

International Teacher Nominations

Finalists: Our three RSL International teachers

We were so overwhelmed with entries, we actually filtered out our favourite entries from outside of the UK and used them in our feature for #WorldTeachersDay a couple of months later in October.

International Teachers' Day is a chance for us to recognise all of our music teachers worldwide. Despite being a British-based company, it’s really important that we take the time to recognise all of the hard-work, patience and devotion that goes into teaching music to a range of ages and skill levels all over the world.

To read about how Luca (Italy), Marko (Serbia) and Firdaus (Singapore) have helped influence young musicians in their regions, click on the link here!


Rockschool Acoustic Guitar: Re-tuned for 2019!

To say September was busy would be a huge understatement! Probably our most anticipated update in our history, Rockschool set September as the month for our complete re-tuned of the acoustic guitar syllabus!

'Rockschool Acoustic' set a new tone, with a complete set of upgrades this September. With 6 new arrangements from some of music’s most iconic figures to perform in the last 8 decades; each instalment navigating an array of era-defining styles and techniques – from the 1930’s all the way up to the present-day.

Rockschool to Rockstar: Max Helyer talks about his experiences as music student to international rock star

For the very first time, we decided to add vocal parts to 4 songs of the 6 recordings found at each grade. These ‘Session-Style’ tracks give each player the opportunity to replicate a recording session, or live performance, each time they sit down to practise. This not only allows students to develop a better sense of time and rhythm; it also presents the perfect habitat for each session to encourage the evolution of each players’ interpretation of tone and stylistic choices.

The remaining 2 tracks per grade take the spotlight and aim it front and centre, with a pair of instrument-specific, solo-guitar arrangements that more intensely navigate the acoustic guitars’ range of melodic expression. This is your opportunity to learn from generational genius such as Django Reinhardt, Tommy Emmanuel and Kaki King, expanding your instrumental techniques in the process (including how to use the guitar as a percussive instrument!)

Giorgio Serci: Educator and Acoustic specialist, Giorgio, talks through his own involvement in our most ambitious acoustic syllabus yet

Rockschool's Very First Piano Method Books

After our new-and-improved second instalment of Rockschool Acoustic Guitar hit music shops, we found just about had enough time to include another first for the very same month. September also saw us release our premier Rockschool Piano Method books that sought to bring a contemporary approach to a student's first steps on the piano.

Piano Method Book 1 Rockschool Piano Method: Book 1

No matter how a beginner learns, the books used to kick-start their journey can be really important. When it came to developing a book for such a well-trodden path, RSL reached out to the most important people in any of their new projects: music teachers and their students. What they found was that the best piano books for beginners are those that reinforce the fundamentals while also keeping the student engaged throughout.

You can find a slew of method books online today, but many of them seem to lack a contemporary feel that can truly captivate a new generation of music students; potentially motivated to play by a wider variety of musical influences than ever before. With this in mind, the Rockschool Piano Method books should give a new player time to ease into the craft of playing the piano, whilst providing an in-depth understanding into the fundamental techniques that the greatest pianists still rely on today.

Piano Method Book 2 Rockschool Piano Method: Book 2

Book 1 takes readers from the initial approaches to playing piano through to performing their first pieces with both left and right hands. Book 2 then acts to advance these skills so that by the middle of the book readers are prepared to tackle Rockschool Debut Piano, and by the end, Grade 1.

To find out more about both releases, you can read about them, in-full here >>


Professional Diplomas

After September took us pre-Rockschool with our first ever Piano Method Book, October saw us go post-Rockschool with a redesign of our Professional Diplomas for three distinct pathways: Teaching, Performance and Creative Enterprise.

Devised as a natural progression from the Rockschool grade system; the Teaching, Performance and Creative Enterprise Diplomas have been uniquely designed to accredit all aspiring professionals working towards a career in today’s creative industries. These self-study Professional Diplomas are university-level qualifications ideally suited for those looking for a unique alternative to undergraduate degree courses.

With only four units to cover at both Level 4 and 6, the flexibility of these Diplomas allows each applicant to easily integrate the work into their current commitments, whilst matching the level of expertise they’re aiming to attain. Upon sign-up, every candidate will have up to one year to complete and submit the necessary tasks via RSL’s brand-new online submission service.

Each specialist pathway – whether you’re a teacher, performer or creative professional – is ideal for those who’d like to evidence their skills through employed work, practical training or alongside other academic study. RSL’s guided learning hours have been set at 40 hours per diploma, with online submissions for units open at all times. Each unit is also supported by exemplar material with all progress measured against key milestones.

“We wanted to create a diploma qualification that reflected the portfolio nature of employment for creative professionals. This flexibility was important to us, as we knew they had to be freely integrated into people’s current schedules – whether they’re currently employed, studying, or preparing to take another academic step up.” Tim Bennett-Hart, Director of Academic


The Rockschool Method

With the final exam period of the year beginning in November, we decided to look at our Graded Music Exams in greater details, and really think about why they work for so many music students.

Each section has its own specific, and equally important, reason for being included in the performance. But why is it that why? What does each section of the exam seek to develop? To explore all of these questions, we came up with a series of articles to truly define ‘The Rockschool Method’.

The Rockschool Method:
With a firm focus on cohesion and consistency at the forefront of any release, the Rockschool Method is a musical pedagogy that we hope contributes to the production of confident, self-sufficient musicians; empowered with the knowledge and ability to see their musical decisions blossom into authentic musical expression.

To read our in-depth breakdown for each section, simply click on each of the titles below:


Rockschool Stories

December already?? In that case, Seasons Greetings to you all!

For our December entry were going to focus on a blog-series introduced for the first time this year. Its purpose was to focus on the most important people to our business: the Teachers. Regardless of age or nationality, we’ve come to realise that the reasons An individual who chooses to teach are rarely ever about money or status (at least exclusively!). The reasons for passing on a creative craft can often stem from a more personal place, and while that can usually be expressed in a myriad of ways, each of these educators are almost all united by the desire to impact peoples’ lives positively.

Rockschool Stories: Click the image above to read about Ed Black, one of our younger teachers

From Rockschool to Stage: Emma Henderson is also one of our AMEB/Rockschool Ambassadors

Rockschool Stories has featured 9 different teachers with completely different backgrounds and approaches to music teaching. You can read about every single one of them by hopping over to our NEWS page here >>

Despite having a wonderful 2019, we’re set to have an even better year in 2020, with some very exciting announcements on their way. To make the wait a little more bearable – and to celebrate the festive period – we've decided to put an RSL twist to Christmas this year.

RSL Christmas Playlist

This year we sat down to try and put together the greatest Christmas playlist of all time! Now, we’re not quite sure that what we’ve achieved, but with each track chosen by a different Little Helper from RSL head office, we’re still happy that all of you can follow it and get into the festive spirit along with us.

Read the Staff Picks article in-full NOW!


RSL Advent Calendar

If you’re one of our Instagram followers, you would’ve noticed that all month we’ve been posting a different video to celebrate each and every one of the Rockschoolers who sent a video into RSL HQ this December. If you’d like to take a look at all 25 entries featuring 2019’s Christmas superstars, you can follow us here:

Woah! That's a lot more than we thought. It's definitely time to let you go, but not without saying first 'here’s to 2020!'

Happy New Year,

The RSL Team